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State agents bust Maxton dog-fighting operation

Posted February 27, 2012

— Agents with the state Division of Alcohol Law Enforcement arrested 27 people Saturday in connection with a dog-fighting ring in Robeson County, authorities said Monday.

State and federal agents searched a home at 3541 McLeod Drive in Maxton and seized tens of thousands of dollars in cash, multiple handguns, various controlled substances, veterinary drugs and dog-fighting paraphernalia, authorities said.

Eighteen dogs also were seized, including several that had serious wounds and scars from previous injuries. The dogs were treated on the scene by veterinarians from North Carolina and the Atlanta Humane Society.

More than two dozen people tried to flee the area, but authorities apprehended them with the assistance of a North Carolina Air National Guard helicopter. The people face charges of dog fighting, animal cruelty, animal neglect, being a spectator at a dog fight, as well as weapons and drug possession offenses.

The event drew people from North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland and Ohio.

Other agencies participating in the arrests included the state Department of Public Safety, the State Highway Patrol, the state Wildlife Resources Commission; the FBI’s Safe Streets Task Force, and Norred & Associates, an Atlanta-based private security company.


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  • Rocky2.0 Feb 29, 2012

    "to Rocky2.0...Doesn't our tax money help fund the US military? Then why not help out in this and other situations. Furthermore, I would like to thank each and everyone of them for their service AND for helping capture all these worthless individuals that engage in such horrendous crimes."

    Umm, you are saying you are comfortable with the US military being used against US citizens?

    Let me say it another way, are you also comfortable with the US Military being called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control?

    Maybe you need to look up the Posse Comitatus Act.

  • Diva RN Feb 28, 2012

    Also, the key is early socialization of the dog around other animals, children, and people, so that they learn what behavior is expected of them and what won't be tolerated. As pitbulls have a high drive to please people, they learn pretty easily.

    As for children, they need to learn early how to handle and treat animals, i.e., "doggie doesn't like it when you pull on his face or take his toy," "pick kitty up gently so she doesn't feel like you're going to drop her." Until they are old enough to understand this, they shouldn't be unsupervised around ANY animal.

    Also, give me a reference for your "statistics" about pitbulls and chows that have led you to conclude they are a bad breed. But I'm sure since you have a PhD, you also know statistics can be manipulated to "prove" almost anything, right?

  • Diva RN Feb 28, 2012

    Ugh, the more I learn about people, the more I love my pitbulls! -Diva RN

    Yeah, but just don't let your pit bulls get around any toddlers or small dogs. Sorry, but it's in their nature and your "loving family pit bull" will snap just like that. Look up the statistics....it's not usually abused pits that kill small children and other animals, it's the family pet pitbull....read the news nationwide and you'll see....bad breeds are bad breeds..

    Chows shouldn't be around small children either...
    UNC PH.d

    Actually, my female pit was fostered by a family with a small child. They kept her mother and she sleeps in bed with the little boy every night. And while I don't have any small dogs, my house is ruled by a 15 pound male cat. He regularly puts the pits in their place and they respect him. Not to say that I would leave them alone together, nor would I leave ANY toddler and dog alone together, regardless of breed. I have seen small breeds and labrador retrievers, etc., bite children.

  • JustOneGodLessThanU Feb 28, 2012

    Great job!

    Now, let's all celebrate by going out to dinner and eating animals that were slaughtered and butchered merely for our tongue's pleasure. (sarcasm)

  • lcoffey3829 Feb 28, 2012

    just FYI ... it was the Army National Guard, not Air Nat'l Guard

  • connieleigh4 Feb 28, 2012

    Great Job!!!

  • savannahn8v Feb 28, 2012

    A huge "THANK YOU" to the agencies involved!

  • connieleigh4 Feb 28, 2012

    Great Job!!! These people should be dealt with very harshly! This is just wrong!!!

  • savannahn8v Feb 28, 2012

    Yea!!! Put all 27 in the ring and let them fight to the end!

  • Insane in the left lane Feb 28, 2012

    This is the best news I've heard in a long time. Good Job.