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Spring Lake woman charged with misdemeanor child abuse

Posted April 12, 2010

— A Cumberland County woman faces child abuse charges after a 3-year-old she was watching wandered away and was found beside a highway, Spring Lake police said Monday.

Moriah Corathers, 21, of 1513 Mack St. in Spring Lake, was charged with misdemeanor child abuse on April 6, according to the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office. She was released on bond the same day.

Spring Lake Police said they were called to Corathers’ home in reference to a missing 3-year-old child. Police said the child had wandered off and was found by a couple driving along a nearby highway.

The case was referred to the state Department of Social Services.


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  • familyfour Apr 14, 2010

    CPS of NC is USELESS.

    They do NOT have any intention of fixing these situations....then the funding is *poof*.

    If the state of NC had any inclination to stop child abuse/neglect....they would have never turned that geeked up mess back out on the streets. Bet the youngn is back home by now.

    CPS should mean Child Put Second....behind making certain the parents/abusers never get the help they need....just enough to keep the ball rolling...down hill.

  • blessedmomof2 Apr 13, 2010


  • thought Apr 13, 2010

    milage- if you hapen to have a video camera..... also call CPS get the names as others have sugested. Also if this is local officer- call the state or county police and explain it. If police officers can arrest someone for doing this - then they are held to a higher standard.
    If I reported and they came to me door right after- the police will show up for I'd give them a piece of my mind because I would tell them it was not to be revealed who called and they just broke the rules. Get a name and i'd be on the phone before they would to defend what they did.
    I work at a home and i have reported many- they do not like me- I do not care. I have a field I went in to to protect the client and that is what I do. If a coworker puts someone in danger - I report. The boss told them it was me- I am so angry and looking for another job. But safety is always first. It takes less than 2 seconds for a bad thing to happen- a parent should be more on it!!!

  • poeticallycorrect-InvNo1 Apr 13, 2010

    Thank God the child was found before he or she was hurt, or worse and that decent people found the child. There are too many sickos out here and I'm glad none of them got the chance to get ahold of this child

  • Garnerian Apr 13, 2010

    I'm glad the child was found by good people. Too many crazies out there.

  • 1Moms_View Apr 12, 2010

    mileage, don't bother calling the mother or police. Well, call the police AFTER you place an emergency call to CPS in your county. Call DSS and tell them you have an emergency regarding an unattended child who just entered your home/yard/street...whereever he is at the time. Let them know no one appears to be looking for him or know he's missing. Tell them his whereabouts and get the name of the worker you talk with after letting them know this is an emergency and someone needs to come get him before he gets injured or killed in the street. If no one shows up or nothing is done, you at least have a record of the call and the worker's name when something happens (God forbid) to that child.

  • Adelinthe Apr 12, 2010

    Mileage - "...if this is considered misdemeanor child abuse, the family across the street from me needs to be charged multiple times with this. their child is constantly 'jailbreaking' while the mother sleeps."

    I've seen things like this so many many times, even called CPS on one family where grandparents lived together with parents of a 2 year old who was always wandering the neighborhood.

    People even heard crying down in the flood plain woods and went down there to find the boy tangled in brambles.

    CPS came out and investigated, then walked across to my house (so much for anonymity) to tell me they found no evidence of negligence.

    Guess they're waiting for the kid to get hit by a car or drown in the Neuse to find that.

    CPS is a waste.

    God bless.


  • rescuefan Apr 12, 2010

    MileageDontPlayDat, you need to call DSS, not the police. Especially if her husband is the only police officer in your town.

  • 1 of the original Americans Apr 12, 2010

    uhhhh.... looks like mom got ahold of her before the police got there!!!!

  • MileageDontTakeYourKidsCrap Apr 12, 2010

    wow, if this is considered misdemeanor child abuse, the family across the street from me needs to be charged multiple times with this. their child is constantly 'jailbreaking' while the mother sleeps. hes gone so far as to come across the road, up my driveway, open my front door (i was home, in the basement doing laundry), entered my home and went to the backyard where my dogs are loose in the fenced in yard. this is just one of the many times her child has left her house without her even being aware. i've called her several times and asked if she was 'missing something' and she had no clue. i told her the next time it happens, im calling the cops instead of her. not sure what good that will do. her husband is a cop in our town.