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Spring Lake employees asked to take unpaid leave

Posted June 23, 2008

— Spring Lake employees will get six days of free time as a budget-cutting move.

Mayor Ethel Clark said that six days of unpaid leave for all 82 employees can save the town about $78,000. The town's board of aldermen will meet Monday night to vote on the budget.

Clark said she hopes the move will keep the town's expenses in check so that actual layoffs are not necessary.

Employees will be able to take their time off half a day at a time over the next six months.


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  • PeaceOut2017 Jun 24, 2008

    It's refreshing to see government do what those in the private sector have to do in the same situation instead of publicizing a bunch of crybaby stories to raise taxes

  • 1Moms_View Jun 23, 2008

    I bet if the commissioners and mayor had to give up some of their perks that cost the town money, they'd find a different resolution quickly.

  • johnston line Jun 23, 2008

    If the town can give them ALL 6 days off, sounds like they have too many to support in the first place. Reduce the workforce for long time help. Guess most government officials slept thru business class.

  • commonsensical Jun 23, 2008

    Dave, I think they have the OPTION of half days vs. full days.

  • juliemc58 Jun 23, 2008

    I think they should take it out of the mayor's pay. For many people, losing 6 days of pay will hurt them badly.

  • Dave Green Jun 23, 2008

    Hey, get with it.
    If they can only take half a day at a time then that means that they still have to drive to work every day. How fair is that? Pay cut without cutting their expenses? If you gots to do it, how about playing fair, huh?

  • BIGCHEESECAMATO Jun 23, 2008

    Maybe Mayor E. Clark should give up is "big time" country club membership, free use of gas and car, and learn to budget his money properly. This way the little people of Spring Lake can get paid the little wage they deserve to survive. Tired of seeing poor town managment that cost people jobs and salary because they have no clue how to do without and too much greed...

  • grenlyn1 Jun 23, 2008

    Good, this way they can use the time to find a more stable job. :)

  • wonderif Jun 23, 2008

    Although losing a weeks pay will be very difficult for some, guess it's better than losing the job.