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Speeding charge filed in fatal Cary collision

Posted February 24, 2012

— Police on Friday charged a driver with speeding in a fatal collision on Cary Parkway two weeks ago.

Martikia Adams, 22, of Raleigh, was trying to make a left turn off West Chatham Street onto Cary Parkway on Feb. 12 when her Saturn crossed into the path of a Dodge Avenger, police said.

Adams and her boyfriend, Brian Cobb, 26, of Cary, died of the injuries they suffered in the collision.

The driver of the Avenger, Meghan Sladek, 22, of Apex, was charged with speeding, a misdemeanor punishable by up to 45 days in jail.

The initial accident report stated that Sladek was traveling at 52 mph at the time of the collision. The posted speed limit on that section of Cary Parkway is 45 mph, the report states.

Cary police said their reconstruction of the collision showed that she was actually driving at up to 67 mph before the wreck.

“Based on our investigation, if Miss Sladek had been traveling according to the speed limit, this collision likely would have never happened,” Deputy Police Chief Barry Nickalson said in a statement. “We hope this tragedy helps drivers understand the importance of following posted speed signs."

Cary traffic engineers have said that the intersection doesn't meet the criteria used by the state Department of Transportation for a traffic light, saying there haven't been enough collisions there.


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  • roxymali21 Feb 27, 2012

    Ok the driver of the accident was not at fault regardless of the speed she was travleing. The driver of the other car could have pulled out when noone was coming instead of trying to beat the other driver. Before bashing the driver, try knowing the whole story first. You have to imagine the pain the driver of the Avenger is going through knowing what she say and what happened on that fateful day. Yes 2 lives were lost and a child is without her parents and that is something unbearable and my thoughts and prayers go out to both families. Noone deserves what had happened on that day. A light on that roadway would be beneficial to prevent future accidents. Please do not place blame on anyone before knowing the whole truth. Truth is all the families involved in this are grieving and hurting...that is the families of the 2 who lost their lives and the family of the other driver. This is tragic yes and could have been prevented in many ways.

  • iamconfused Feb 24, 2012

    a new apartment complex has been built that will contain about 300 families.

  • iamconfused Feb 24, 2012

    It is truly sad that lives were lost and and families are left with memories. It is also sad that a child will grow up never knowing her parents. Many comments have been made about the intersection. Just because the name of the road is Cary Parkway doesn't mean it is a highway. The speed limit is 45 MPH and not 50 or 60+ MPH which is very common on this road.There is a stretch of Highway 55 that has a 50 MPH speed limit. The intersection is extremely dangerous and especially during rush hours. It is dangerous to enter Cary Parkway making a right turn and even more so making a left from West Chatham Street. I have also seen many near misses when vehicles attempt to make a left onto West Chatham from Cary Parkway. Speed is the primamry issue here. The purpose of a light is to slow traffic since drivers are unable to maintian a safe speed. The intersection has a significant amount of vehicles pass thru it and will only get worse as more vehciles use West Chatham Street from Old Apex where

  • enochmosessiskjr Feb 24, 2012

    Why do lives have to be lost and property damaged before a traffic light is install at an intersection.?

  • Crayzee1 Feb 24, 2012

    No wait, we can't do that last thing because that would mean people would have to be partial responible for their actions. GASP.

  • Crayzee1 Feb 24, 2012

    Yes, we should put up lights at every place on the highway someone get's killed. Also we should govern cars to the speed limit with sensors, depending what zone they are in. Every car should have an alcohol tester built into the dash as well. Four point selt belts, and helmets. Also we should have some sort of fatigue testing computer in each car. Let's also have an intelligence test too. Like, when you turn left, make sure no one is coming? Or even better wait for the car that is coming to pass before pulling out in front of it. I can't count the number of times in one day, that somone pulls out in front of, makes me slow down, way down, swerve, etc, when there is no one behind me. Like the person couldn't wait two more seconds, and do it safely.

  • Cary Resident Feb 24, 2012

    Based on the comments of this story it seems that there are people who still feel like this driver was not at fault. Be REALISTIC. Martikia could have pulled out in the event that there wasn't a car coming. And going 22 miles over the speed limit she should be charged with more than just a misdemeanor.

  • Tarheel89 Feb 24, 2012

    "Cary traffic engineers have said that the intersection doesn't meet the criteria for a traffic light, saying there haven't been enough collisions there."

    They said this for the light in Cary Park where a fatality occurred, too. The neighborhood sent thousands of letters and got petitions signed for a light and one went up within a month. Take initiative when others won't!

  • calynn Feb 24, 2012

    Let me get this straight... NCSHP hits and kills a woman and child and injures two others in Greensboro who was turning left in an intersection at 124 mph and it's the woman who turned into the intersections fault. Woman on Cary parkway hits a couple who was turning left at 52 mph and it's her fault?

  • Rebelyell55 Feb 24, 2012

    I doubt Cary Police have the technology or the ability to determine how fast the car was going.

    They just pick a number and throw it out there.
    February 24, 2012 5:30 p.m.
    You're right, they hired someone to do this. I would think they would of left it up to the insurance company of instead of wasting tax payers money, but that cary for ya.