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Speeding Camaro wrecks, killing two

Posted April 1, 2010

— Two people died when a Chevrolet Camaro going more than 100 mph wrecked and caught on fire south of Lillington late Wednesday.

State troopers said that driver Kenneth Parchman, 43, of Lillington, lost control of the Camaro, and it ran off Powell Farm Road, near Lemuel Blake Road, shortly before 11 p.m. The car rolled over, hit a tree and caught fire.

Parchman and his passenger, Lisa Marie Timmerman, 35, of Cameron, died.

The speed limit along Powell Farm Road is 55 mph.


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  • paradiselost Apr 2, 2010

    "we all have done it". Nicholskara.
    No, we haven't all done it. And the fact of the matter is these two people acting recklessly put anyone else on that road in harms way. They were wrong, no excuses.

  • nicholskara Apr 2, 2010

    yall can sit here and complain about going 100mph all you want. we all have done it. its a shame what happen to them. and for anyone to speak ill of these two people should be ashamed of themselves. the passanger was my best friend. the driver a iraq veteran. so dont post anything harming their names. they are both good people that made a bad call.

  • jprime Apr 2, 2010

    "And what reason does anyone have to be driving 100mph?"

    Its fun.

  • tootie Apr 1, 2010

    Thank you needtotell I agree!
    My father taught me think of your car as a bullet, one wrong move & you kill not only yourself but someone else. So always use good judgement, & be very careful.

  • tootie Apr 1, 2010

    Not the car company's fault human stupidity is.
    What a waste!

  • Garnerian Apr 1, 2010

    The car companies that make fast cars should get the death penalty! Why have a car able to go that fast to begin with. Not legal to go 100mph anywhere in this country! I am sick of these selfish people driving fast.

    Ever heard of VIR raceway. It's a road coarse in Virginia. Fast cars are fun and should be handled responsibly. Besides that camaro is slow compared to the Suzuki Hayabusa that runs about 190mph for a small price tag of $12k. There are places to actually use the high performance machines. Just not on public roads.

  • NeedToTellTheTruth Apr 1, 2010

    "The car companies that make fast cars should get the death penalty!" ....Seriously!??? Are you kidding me???

    When are people going to take responsibility for their own actions? People with that mentality are bottom feeders that fuel the reason that this country is going down the drain! My parents had taught me by the time I was 5 years old to be reponsible for myself and not try to push blame on anyone else for my mistakes. GROW UP!! Take your green hybrid earth saver out on I40, go 50 mph and flip over a guardrail. Bet you could die too only going 50mph in a hybrid! Ridiculous!

  • I know some stuff Apr 1, 2010

    and for those of you following yesterdays GOLO about speed enforcement on the INTERSTATES, again, you see, the problem is not on the interstates. Interstate speed enforcement is about Money. Driving fast on secondary roads is extremely hazardous.
    THIS is tragic, but speed is not the problem, it's the SUDDEN STOP against a tree that is the problem. Sorry.

  • twc Apr 1, 2010

    Most all cars will go a 100 mph.

    As far as power, it's good to have if you need to get out of the way quick, for whatever reason, for example.

    It's not the car; it's the human.

  • blahblahblah Apr 1, 2010

    PowderedToastMan - Kenneth Parchman died in the crash.