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Speed Enforcement Effort Totals 31,928 Tickets

Posted April 8, 2008

— A speed-limit enforcement program conducted during the first week of April netted 31,928 traffic and criminal citations statewide.

In Wake County, 20 checkpoints and 94 patrol locations nabbed 70 drunk drivers and 744 speeders. In Durham, 90 patrols issued 8 DWI citations and 161 speeding tickets.


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  • Hmmmmmm Apr 8, 2008


  • cmy240 Apr 8, 2008

    It's a shame for NC to it's citizen's this way and scam them out of money why don't the news reporters put on TV how broke NC is and need money real bad that they will do anything to get it even by setting up these fake road blocks like they are really helping the highway well what about next month they want even care because they made there money for this month

  • hdsoftail Apr 8, 2008

    mommie you sound perfect!! Have you ever broken any laws?

  • mommie Apr 8, 2008

    Just stop speeding! You are breaking the law! Unless you have flashing lights on top of your car, or are in labor, you so arrogant as to think you are above the law. My daughter will be driving soon and she is deathly afraid of you speeding tailgaters. She has been taught respect for the law and is amazed at what older adults try to get away with on the roads.

  • SaveEnergyMan Apr 8, 2008

    The real proof will come when we find out how many of those tickets result in convictions, rather than are plead down. Those who complain about speeding tickets are probably the one's that are guilty as the police don't even bother with those doing 10 over or less. Thank you for buzzing by me and putting my family's life in danger. I'm sure when you kill someone, your heartfelt apology for doing 90 in a 55 will soothe all.

  • ifcdirector Apr 8, 2008

    While thousands and thousands more innocent drivers were seized and stopped without any probable cause whatsoever to have their Fourth Amendment Rights under the Constitution violated by State officers even though there is no exclusion clause whatsoever for any State officer to do so. So the most damning illegal activity was by law enforcement itself. What's next? Why not just go into people's houses door to door? You can do lots of crime fighting that way too. Our Founding Fathers went to war for less.

  • meta4csw Apr 8, 2008

    Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket in NC? You get a hundred letters from lawyers offering for a fee to take care of it for you so you get no points, your chosen one will get it down to improper equipment. Ever read the judgments in traffic court? All you see is improper equipment and speed under 9 MPH. How cozy are these lawyers with the court? Their fee includes your fine so they have to know what's going to happen, that the courts WILL indulge their pleas.

  • supes Apr 8, 2008

    Speed limits are artificially set too low for a majority of roads in order to collect a "sin tax" in instances such as these. Again, I say if they really wanted to increase safety they'd do a better job teaching drivers the ins and outs of vehicle dynamics and remove cell phones from drivers hands. These campaigns are all about revenue, not safety.

  • Rolling Along Apr 8, 2008

    If they managed to "catch" that many, it makes you wonder if anybody really obeys the laws anymore...

  • cartman Apr 8, 2008

    Tickets are a scam to the drivers of NC. Having the police hide in the bushes or behind signs shows how desparate they have become.

    These 'capaigns' are nothing more that attempts to put something in the news.