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Brad Cooper juror speaks out about murder trial

Posted June 2, 2011

— Nearly a month after a Cary man was found guilty of killing his wife and dumping her body in an undeveloped subdivision, one of the 12 people who decided his fate is speaking out about the jury's decision.

"It is my personal belief that we (the jurors) came into this process verdict-neutral. Brad Cooper was innocent until proven guilty," jury foreman Andy Gilbert said in an email this week to WRAL News and other media outlets. "I came into this situation neutral, and I left it that way. The evidence was the only factor in determining our verdict. "

Specifically, Gilbert said, was testimony from two FBI agents who testified about Internet searches on Brad Cooper's laptop computer, including maps of the location where his wife's body was found.

"The evidence presented by Special Agents (Gregory) Johnson and (Chris) Chappell drove the outcome on this case," he said. "It caused a lot of the other circumstantial evidence to become relevant and credible."

Brad Cooper Andy Gilbert statement on Cooper verdict

Brad Cooper, 37, was arrested in October 2008, more than three months after his wife, Nancy Cooper, was found dead three miles from their Cary home.

He was sentenced to life in prison without parole on May 5 after the longest non-capital murder trial in Wake County.

Nearly 100 witnesses testified over a course of 36 days as prosecutors sought to prove that an angry Brad Cooper, tired and fed up with his wife, planned her murder and carried it out in the early morning hours of July 12, 2008.

Defense attorneys argued detectives never looked beyond their client as a suspect, because they were concerned that a random murder would tarnish Cary's reputation as a safe community. They characterized police work as being "dishonest" and "inept."

It took the jury of 10 women and two men about 10 hours over the course of three days to reach their verdict.

"With a lengthy trial, such as this one, the transition from the presentation of evidence into the deliberation phase felt like being shot from a cannon," Gilbert said. "The emotional intensity of the last few days of the trial (deliberation) was an important and necessary component of the jury process in this case."

"Most of us (the jurors) were undecided when we started deliberations," Gilbert added. "The transition happened quickly, and we needed time as a group to focus on the process and the laws we were instructed to follow. Then with our notes, the evidence presented became clear."

Defense attorneys believe their chance to appeal the conviction is good, saying jurors were never allowed to see evidence that proved Brad Cooper's laptop was tampered with.

Brad Cooper, meanwhile, is still at Central Prison in Raleigh, where he's awaiting a permanent assignment into the state prison system.


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  • spookems Jun 9, 2011

    Next Thursday sounds good. I will probably be there. I have a couple of questions to ask.
    We all, including the mayor and town council need to support our police officers by identifying the extent of inappropriate actions by the few. We as a community need to be open and honest about the impact that the actions of the few had on Brad Coopers right to a fair trial. Pretending that the actions of the few were accidental and pretending that it won't happen again will ensure that it does happen again.
    In this case, reliable eye witnesses were ignored. That was discovered in 2008. A few months ago, a reliable eye witness was ignored. A young man in need of help was shot 12 times and died. The witness was correct. The young man was unarmed. I suspect that a well led police department would have listened to the witness and tried to determine the accuracy of his statement. It may have changed the outcome.
    One man dead and one life in prison.Witnesses could have made a difference.

  • lynne0312 Jun 9, 2011

    My mistake. The council meeting is next Thursday, 6/16th. Sorry about that. I hope some local people will consider speaking about this.

  • lynne0312 Jun 8, 2011

    spookems, if the mods don't post my email, please go to facebook and join Free Brad Cooper page and I can give you information about what supporters are working on.

  • spookems Jun 8, 2011

    We all need to remember that Brad Cooper could be us, our son, our nephew, or a friend. He is a stranger, but he deserved a fair trial. Everyone in this state is impacted by this case. Law enforcement all over this state will learn from the CPD and Chief Bazemore that destruction of evidence will be tolerated, encouraged by the inaction and support of elected officials, and rewarded with a pay increase.


    I will not sit silently while one or two or three cast a shadow over their service. Those officers need and deserve our support to remove the doubt which this case has cast on them.

    We need to understand their position and help them as much as we need to help Brad Cooper.

  • spookems Jun 8, 2011

    I spoke at the town council meeting a few weeks ago and asked them to seek the assistance of the attorney general. We need to determine the cause and take corrective action in regards to the evidence. I won't be able to attend tomorrow. I encourage BRAD'S FRIENDS AND SUPPORTERS TO ATTEND AND SPEAK.
    You do have to write your name and address on a card before you speak. I understand that people are uncomfortable about that. If we don't stand up, we might as well consider Cary to be a police state.
    Go, sit in the area for the public speaks out. Select someone to speak for the group and the rest stand in support or everyone speak out who is comfortable.
    I had surgery today, so I am not sure how I will feel tomorrow.

    Does someone have an email that we can use to form a group? We need to meet and keep our interest up for Brad. I don't know him. but I do know that he did not and can never receive a fair trial because so much evidence was destroyed by the CPD.

  • dollibug Jun 8, 2011

    It would be GREAT if an entire room full of supporters could show up to voice their concerns about this and the way the Cary Police investigated this murder....This would be a good we all know it is going to be a drawn out event....

  • dollibug Jun 8, 2011

    You know....during the Brad Cooper Murder Trial....there was a lot of information revealed...probably more than anyone really cared to know....and I think that perhaps there was a reason for this....perhaps just to open up so much for everyone that facts...."real facts" would get entangled up with what was true and what was actually gossip, hearsay or opinions...and I think this sure did it was such a long trial also....things began to just run together....but you does not matter just how much was revealed or with held....there is only one conclusion that must be made...and that is the fact that BRAD COOPER did NOT get a fair and just is a known fact that the jury did NOT get to hear about some things which could have made a BIG DIFFERENCE in the conviction...and everyone deserves to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth....and we know that this DID NOT HAPPEN.

  • lynne0312 Jun 8, 2011

    spookems - there is a council meeting tomorrow (Thursday) at 6:30. I hope you will be there to speak about this case. I think it would be very helpful.

  • affirmativediversity Jun 8, 2011

    More food for thought on "why Brad didn't call the police"...beside the obvious Jessica Adams did it first!

    My ex sounds very much like NC...and I have to tell you it was not unusual, even when the marriage was stable, for my ex to go out to do something that should take an hour (like jog) and not come back for several hours ... AND, frankly, woe is me IF I dare do any "checking" call friends or start ears would have been blistered with the yelling and drama of "How dare you check up on me. I'm not your property you know" lectures for days, at full volume, until I begged for mercy.
    That's why its so insightful to me that Jessica Adams testified "she did not tell Brad that Nancy was expect at her home"

  • affirmativediversity Jun 8, 2011

    Please tell me this, why didn't Brad report his wife missing?
    per so you dont like my opinion ok


    Think about your question and its answer rationally and honestly.
    Nancy Cooper went out jogging about 7 am...she was KNOWN to go for coffee or socialize after jogging at the local hang out (her friends testified/verified that)...she was also KNOWN to be in "I hate Brad mode" during which she was KNOWN to "punish" Brad by with increased "kids care time" (one of her friends testified about this but used another cutesie name for it).
    Next...and this is important...when Jessica Adams testified about calling Brad on that Saturday morning she stated CLEARLY "I DID NOT TELL BRAD NANCY WAS EXPECTED AT MY HOUSE" Brad had NO CLUE that Nancy was expected anywhere but home and she often didn't immediately return there after her runs.
    Finally, before noon Brad started looking for Nancy by calling friends and actually visiting her favorite the time he arrived