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Cooper jury selection to go into eighth day

Posted March 8, 2011
Updated March 9, 2011

— Jury selection will resume Wednesday for an eighth day in the murder trial of Brad Cooper, a Cary man accused of killing his wife, Nancy Cooper, more than two years ago.

Twelve jurors and three alternate jurors were seated by Tuesday afternoon, and attorneys will attempt to find the final alternate Wednesday morning.

Jury selection began Feb. 28 and was expected to finish up Monday, but one juror was dismissed after he said he couldn’t commit to the full duration of the trial.

Nancy Cooper Nancy Cooper case timeline

Attorneys depleted the potential-juror pool Tuesday morning while trying to find the alternates.

Meanwhile Tuesday, Superior Court Judge Paul Gessner heard more pre-trial motions in the case. Opening statements are expected Wednesday.

Cary police arrested Brad Cooper in October 2008, more than three months after his wife was found dead in a drainage ditch in an undeveloped subdivision a few miles from the couple’s home.

An autopsy found Nancy Cooper had likely been strangled.

Brad Cooper, who has denied any involvement in her death, has said she went jogging the morning of July 12 and never returned.

His trial is expected to be a lengthy one. Attorneys have estimated that it could last anywhere from a month to two months.

A list released Monday shows 227 potential defense witnesses and 116 potential witnesses for the prosecution.


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  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Mar 9, 2011

    I feel for Brad Cooper after watching the Cary Soccer mom's try and convict him in the court of public opinion.

    Listening to the Cary Soccer mom's, his biggest crime seems to be trying to keep his shopaholic wife on a budget.

    This scared the Cary Soccer mom's who don't want anybody limiting how much they can spend at the mall.

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Mar 9, 2011

    The worst thing that happen to a man in North Carolina is for someone to kill his wife.

    The judicial and court system in North Carolina assumes the man is automatically guilty without pursuing all of the evidence and leads.

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Mar 9, 2011

    Cooper is in jail for a long time if they get Deaver at the SBI to do the lab work.

    DA's have almost a 100% conviction rate when Deaver is manufacturing the evidence.

  • valleyGirl Mar 9, 2011

    It will be interesting to hear how the prosecution deals with the eye witness who claims to have seen Nancy running on the morning of her disappearance. And it seems I remember more than one sighting being reported, I am not sure? But much of the circumstances do fit Brad being the perpetrator. How it is "played" out in court is a different matter.

  • scfair Mar 8, 2011

    wildcat...seriously ????

  • deastwood1 Mar 8, 2011

    Someone posted the following link to this document in regards to the Cooper trial on a previous golo board.

    It is easy to assume this man is guilty as I did but after reading the above I'm not so sure. It also seems as if the Cary PD did everything they could to prove it was the spouse including "losing" evidence.

    I'm pretty sure if I was on that jury the defense has a good chance of convincing me of at the very least reasonable doubt.

  • mailmosley Mar 8, 2011

    comment by Wildcat is an assumption of innocence, specificly against your own posting guidelines.

  • hotlapsmag Mar 8, 2011

    That's great wildcat but what if he's GUILTY?

  • Shaking My Head In Amusement Mar 8, 2011

    Is anyone else having audio trouble in the pre-trial motion?

  • wildcat Mar 8, 2011

    I am praying that the jury will find Mr. Cooper to be innocent of all charges and get his children back asap. That would be great for him and the kids. They need their father more so now that they don't have a mother.