Michelle Young

Decision to re-try Young could come Wednesday

Posted July 19, 2011

— Wake County prosecutors could announce Wednesday how they plan to proceed against a Raleigh man, whose murder trial ended last month with a deadlocked jury.

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A Superior Court judge declared a mistrial on June 27 after jurors were unable to decide whether Jason Young is guilty of first-degree murder in the beating death of his pregnant wife, Michelle Young.

The district attorney's office could decide to try him again, reach a plea deal or dismiss the murder charge.

If prosecutors choose to re-try the case, defense attorneys are expected to ask for bond for their client so that he can be released pending the new trial.

Michelle Young, 29, was found facedown on the floor in the bedroom of the couple's Raleigh home on Nov. 3, 2006.

In a rare move, Jason Young, 37, testified during his trial that he out of town at the time his wife was killed and that he had no involvement in her death.

Legal experts say his decision to testify could have been a factor in the hung jury.

Jurors deliberated for more than 12 hours before sending a note to Judge Donald Stephens that they were stuck at an 8-4 vote. It appeared by markings on the note that the jury had been leaning toward a not-guilty verdict.

Jurors have declined interviews about the case, but the jury foreman told WRAL News that there was no doubt to him that there was reasonable doubt in the case.


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  • anti-Hans Jul 20, 2011

    Jason tried to kill her previously in a car wreck. Driving through the mountains, she unbuckled her seat belt to grab something out of the back. Jason then ran off the road into a creek - probably hoping she would be thrown out of the car. He did it or had help doing it and succeeded the 2nd time.

  • canucmypointofview Jul 20, 2011

    If the state can prove that his story re: being a first responder to the accident he claims caused him to look up "neck breaking" and the like, is false, then they may have a case. If he lied about that...then IDK. Seems easy enough to find out if there really was a bad accident on that day on that road...The state didn't know that was going to be his explaination of events until he took the stand.

  • lilbit278 Jul 20, 2011

    I hope the state will re-try him. YES, they messed up the 1st time, now they can see where they messed up,they can get their ducks together and put him away for life. DON"T let a murder walk free!!

  • lissad821 Jul 20, 2011

    Re-try this cold-hearted snake. Bring in a DA that can tie all the loose ends up for the jury. The DT threw out the "DNA/Cigerattes" but failed to mention a PI hired by the Young family found these items weeks after the house was released. The DA needs to really hammer home about that. IMO

  • shortcake53 Jul 20, 2011

    Decision is in, he WILL be retried.

  • john26 Jul 20, 2011

    Awesome. Maybe the secretaries can try this one. They can't do any worse and they could answer phones in their spare time.

    Oh, and Wake County, quityerbichin about no money if you are going to continue to waste what you had.

    If you re-tried him as an accessory or for conspiracy, you might win. Otherwise, nothing. Just another acquittal and big fat waste o' dough.

  • kikinc Jul 20, 2011

    I had no doubt they'll retry. I wouldn't be surprised if the prosecutors are reading GOLO to see what we're all saying. They're figuring out what holes to fill in their theories from what we're all debating! :)

  • Igor Jul 20, 2011

    I say go after him again!

    Remember that the jury was originally split 50/50 and then 4 still voted guilty. Plus, the DA has the benefit of now having heard Jason's testimony and can now attack it with much more time to prepare.

    The "waste taxpayer money" argument doesn't fly...the budget does not change because of one case, and I as a taxpayer do not want murderers of wives and unborn children to go free.

    Dude did it...go get him!

    [I will now duck from all the flying tomatos :) ]

  • canucmypointofview Jul 20, 2011

    Live feed up now

  • wilmamcglone Jul 20, 2011

    The DA didn't screw this one up LE did. They should have investigated the man and bushy haired woman leaving the property . Instead they spent time getting the woman to change her days. She reported what she saw on Tuesday after the murder. How many Fridays were there to get confused about? She knew what she saw and LE chose to over look it .