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Jury 'immovably hung' in Jason Young murder trial

Posted June 27, 2011

— The jury foreman in the first-degree murder trial of Jason Young told the court Monday that jurors are "immovably hung" on a verdict but that they owe it to the court to keep deliberating.

"Unfortunately, at this time, we are at an impasse," Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens read from a note from the jury foreman. "We currently sit at a 6-6 ratio and do not appear to be able to make any further movement. Where do we go from here?"

Stephens instructed the seven men and five women to go back to the jury room to keep trying to reach a verdict.

Before dismissing them for lunch around 1:30 p.m., Stephens inquired if they felt like any progress had been made and whether they should continue.

"We owe it to the court," the jury foreman said. "We have a little bit more work to do, Your Honor."

Jason Young, 37, is accused of beating his wife, Michelle Young, to death inside the couple's Wake County home more than four years ago. He has said he was in Virginia on business at the time.

Wake County prosecutors say he returned home to Raleigh in the early hours of Nov. 3, 2006, and committed the crime before returning to Virginia and continuing on with his trip.

In a rare move for a defendant in a criminal trial, Jason Young testified that he did not kill his wife, and defense attorneys argued that the physical and circumstantial evidence don't support that he did.

If the jury can't reach a verdict, Stephens would have to declare a mistrial, meaning the case would likely be tried again. But he urged jurors earlier Monday to try to reconcile their differences.

"I want you to continue to deliberate," the judge told jurors. "If you find yourself unable to resolve the matter unanimously, then you will advise me."

The jury received the case Thursday afternoon and deliberated for nearly eight hours last week.

Jason Young Jason Young jury deadlocked

It deliberated for about two hours Monday morning before sending the note to Stephens around 11:15 a.m., after which Stephens called prosecutors and defense attorneys back to his chambers.

They were gone for about five minutes before defense attorneys returned and left the courtroom again with Jason Young. They reappeared about five minutes later, and then attorney Mike Klinkosum left the courtroom again with Jason Young's mother.

On Friday, the jury asked for several pieces of evidence to review, including a security video showing Jason Young's shoes as he left a restaurant on the evening of Nov. 2, 2006.

Investigators found a shoe print matching a pair of shoes that Jason Young purchased a year earlier and that he admitted to wearing frequently. He testified, however, that Michelle Young had gotten rid of the shoes when they became unfit to wear.


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  • candicerenee2009 Jul 1, 2011

    This is not about Jason Young its about Michelle and Cassidy!! I don't see where anyone else would have done this, and justice needs to be served for Michelle and Cassidy!! It is very clear that this man should be locked up HE KILLED HIS PREGNANT WIFE!! It's so very sad!! My heart goes out to her family!

  • The Truth 422 Jun 27, 2011

    8- NG
    4- G

    They will retry Mr. Young and will announce it during the next hearing on the 20th. Your welcome.

  • ufishbone Jun 27, 2011

    All flimsy circumstantial evidence...no hard evidence tied him the crime.
    Doesn't surprise me at a hung jury.

  • canucmypointofview Jun 27, 2011

    Can't the DA choose not to re-try? But then again, the State of NC hasn't proven that they don't want to waste more tax payer $! They'll re-try just for the sheer fact that now they look like clowns for not bringing their A game.

  • zeppy2827 Jun 27, 2011


  • tarheel86 Jun 27, 2011

    I'm pretty sure the judge said it was 8-4. Wonder how the G vs. NG makeup was at the end?

  • fayelcox Jun 27, 2011

    I would vote Not Guilty on the evidence that was presented, nothing there to make me think any other way.

  • paythepiper Jun 27, 2011

    It is not "beyond a shadow of doubt" but "beyond a reasonable doubt." Does not matter now anyway, the jury deadlocked.

  • gnucruiser Jun 27, 2011

    The prosecution only have themselves to blame for bringing this to trial before they had better evidence or really any evidence.

  • Jonezgrl Jun 27, 2011

    It's over folks and it is what it is. We really don't know what we would have done had we been on the jury. I'm glad I wasn't in their shoes. I'm sure they are completed exhausted and tried their best to make the decision they believed in. Let's give them rest.