Michelle Young

Shoes matching Young crime scene prints never found

Posted June 16, 2011

— Detectives were never able to find two pairs of footwear with the same markings as shoeprints found in the bedroom where a Raleigh woman was beaten to death, investigators testified Thursday in her husband's first-degree murder trial.

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Karen Morrow, a latent prints examiner with the State Bureau of Investigation, said that she found impressions from a pair of size-10 Franklin athletic shoes and a pair of size-12 Hush Puppies on pillows, bedding and papers collected from the home of Jason and Michelle Young.

Michelle Young, 29, was five months’ pregnant when she was found dead in her home, at 5108 Birchleaf Drive,on Nov. 3, 2006. Jason Young, 37, who has said he was out of town at the time, faces life in prison if convicted of her murder.

"This case is very interesting in that I didn't have the original shoes," Morrow said, adding that she couldn't draw any positive conclusions about the shoeprints.

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Tom Riha, Hush Puppies global director of men's product development, testified that only three styles of shoes used the specific outsole that left the prints, and that they had all been discontinued. One pair, called the Orbital, was sold exclusively to DSW Shoe Warehouse, he added.

SBI agent Greg Tart testified that investigators learned through the Youngs' purchase records that they had bought a pair of Orbitals from DSW in July 2005.

But neither the Orbitals nor Franklins were found in subsequent searches related to the investigation, including searches of the homes of Jason Young's mother and sister and a storage facility near where they lived in western North Carolina, Tart said.

Investigators were also unable to find several pieces of jewelry and other items reported missing from the Young home. They also were not able to find the clothes that Jason Young was wearing in a surveillance video recorded hours before his wife was killed.

Prosecutors say he checked into a Hampton Inn in Hillsville, Va., shortly before 11 p.m. on Nov. 2, 2006, and was seen an hour later in different clothes on a surveillance video. They say he left the hotel and drove approximately three hours to Raleigh, killed his wife and then drove back to Virginia.

Defense attorneys maintain that Jason Young did not kill his wife and that there is no physical evidence to prove it. Instead, they say, forensic evidence belonging to at least two unknown people was found in the house.

DNA from a hair on a picture frame didn't match either Jason Young or his wife and has not been identified, and two cigarette butts found at the house had DNA belonging to two unidentified males, experts testified Wednesday.

There was evidence, they testified, that contained Jason Young's DNA and fingerprints, but defense attorneys said in opening statements that it was expected to be inside the home because he lived there.


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  • whydoyoucare Jun 20, 2011

    This may have already been brought up I don't know. How come if Cassidy had left bloody footprints all over upstairs, she didn't have any blood on her at all. There is no way she would not have blood on her after walking around in it. Did they find children's clothing with blood on them? My theory is, he did it then took a shower. While he was in there, Cassidy was walking around in the bedroom which caused the footprints. When he was done showering he found her with blood on her, cleaned her up, took her clothes along with his, gave her the cold medicine and put her back in bed.

  • wildcat Jun 17, 2011

    forensic evidence belonging to at least two unknown people was found in the house.

    Has Michelle own mother been tested? You never know. Remember she was a busy body.

  • troneal Jun 17, 2011

    oh and lets not forget he also figured out in short order where the survalence cameras were and disabled on by the back door and propped open the door so he could get back into his room after driving back from raleigh but his keycard was never used after he entered his room around midnight the night he checked in. so he either never returned to the room bc the crime took to long or he never left. if he propped the door open bc he planned to return then he would have left his stuff there in the room so it would still be there if he went straight to the meeting. if he took his stuff with him bc he was planning not to return then why prop the door open?

  • heilama2003 Jun 17, 2011

    Even if he didn't do it, he isn't going to mourn someone he didn't care for anymore to start with. He was already having an affair so the marriage was pretty much over. Comments about not cooperating with police or not making pleas or offering rewards wasn't going to take place because he didn't care not necessarily because he was guilty. No shoes, and no clothing ever found, he probably got rid of those or buried them somewhere between NC and VA if he committed the crime. This case is based on circumstancial evidence and the outcome will be interesting.

  • troneal Jun 17, 2011

    lost of reasonable doubt in this case. as of now i have heard NO actual evidence connecting him to the crime. only theory. like the brad cooper case it is scary how many people will put someone in prison for the rest of their life without any actual proof that they committed the crime. our criminal justice system is in trouble. so he drove back from virginia and committed this horrible crime, made it look like there were multiple people in the house (diff size shoes), planted ciggarettes from the hotel in virginia again to make it look like 2 people then headed back to va with clothes, shoes, jewelry box drawers etc and disgarded them somewhere never to be found without transferring any forensic evidence into the car or from the hotel to the house but was dumb enough not to get enough gas to get back to va. then he gets to his meeting in va after all of this and is 30 min late (bc he got lost)...i mean wow. with all of that you would think there would be SOME ACTUAL FORENSIC EVIDENCE.

  • fourcarolina Jun 17, 2011

    RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman: He is a size 12. but look at the blister on one of his feet in that picture.. My theory is that he wore two diff size shoes (blister from size 10 shoe). One being the Hushpuppies that they found a receipt for (duh), and the other pair smaller that he prob just paid cash for...

  • shortcake53 Jun 16, 2011

    His wife and unborn baby are brutally killed, and he runs off to Mommy's house, doesnt cooperate with authoritites, never makes a plea or attempt for info on his families deaths, or offer a reward for help. Innocent??? Ya, right.

  • jody4663 Jun 16, 2011

    There's a new headline!

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Jun 16, 2011

    "If the shoes don't fit, you must acquit."

    Remember I said that.

    The bloody footprints were left by shoes that JY does not own. AT LEAST, one or more of those pairs of shoes was CLEARLY never owned by him, unless someone can prove one of his feet is a size 10 and the other is a size 12.

    BTW - does anyone know what size his feet REALLY are? Haven't seen that in any story yet.

  • RB aka Spirit Warrior Woman Jun 16, 2011

    samr - "We have moved so far away from the legal grounds of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to a "Nancy Grace" environment of convicting based on emotion and circumstantial evidence."

    I agree.

    The TV court shows have made everyone think they know how to adjudicate.

    Their comments show how wrong they are in that thought.

    Watching a tv show does not equal a law degree folks.

    The comments some of you are making make you appear very uninformed regarding what the law and court proceedings REALLY are.