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Sister recalls finding Michelle Young's body

Posted February 7, 2012

— Jurors in the retrial of Jason Young on Tuesday heard the full 911 recording from the day Michelle Young's sister found her body and the couple's little girl hiding in their bed.

"I think my sister's dead," Meredith Fisher said in the Nov. 3, 2006, call as the voice of Cassidy Young is heard in the background.

Young retrial testimony (Day 2, pt 3) Jason Young retrial (Day 2)

"She's got boo-boos everywhere," the 2-year-old told her aunt. (Listen to a portion of the 911 call. Viewer discretion is advised.)

Prosecutors say Michelle Young, 29, had been beaten at least 30 times in the head. She was facedown on the floor near her bed. She was wearing a white sweatshirt and black sweatpants.

Cassidy's doll had been placed by her head.

At first, Fisher said in the call, she thought it might have been some kind of practical joke.

Meredith Fisher, Linda Fisher Images: Jason Young retrial

"I just wasn't processing what I was seeing. It was kind of surreal," Fisher testified Tuesday. "I guess I was hoping against hope that it was a joke."

Jason Young, who is charged with first-degree murder, was out of town on business, Fisher testified, and he had left her a voicemail asking her to go by his house to pick up some papers he left on a printer about a belated anniversary gift for his wife.

When Fisher arrived at 5108 Birchleaf Drive that day, "the dog was freaking out," she said in the call. The porch and driveway lights were still on, the backyard gate was open and there was blood all over the upstairs.

"There's like bloody footprints all over the house, like her daughter's little footprints," Fisher said in the call.

Sister testifies in Michelle Young's death Sister testifies in Michelle Young's death

While she was on the phone, she tried to quiet Cassidy, whom she found beneath the cover on her father's side of the bed.

The toddler was wearing only pink fleece pajamas – no diaper or underwear – was barefoot and surprisingly clean, considering the amount of blood in the upstairs of the house, Fisher said.

Fisher recalled the girl pulling her toward the bathroom to get a washcloth and bandages.

"She just kept on pulling on me," Fisher testified.

Fisher could also be heard on the call asking Cassidy if she knew what happened, if her mother had fallen and if anyone had been inside.

The state contends the crime wasn't random and that Jason Young, a salesman for a medical software company, traveled out of state on a business trip on the night of Nov. 2, 2006, and shortly before 11 p.m. checked into a Hampton Inn just across the state border in Hillsville, Va.

Young Trial recap: Day 2 Young Trial recap: Day 2

About an hour later, prosecutors suggested in their opening statement, Jason Young left the hotel through an emergency exit and propped the door open to avoid using an electric key card to get back into the hotel.

Keith Hicks, a third-shift clerk at the hotel, testified Thursday that he noticed the emergency door in the first-floor stairwell on the west end of the building was open.

"There was a small rock wedged between the door and the frame," he said. "I opened the door and kicked the rock out and shut the door."

A short time later, he realized the security camera in the same stairwell had been unplugged. After it had been powered up again, he noticed it had been turned toward the ceiling away from the exit.

"It was very unusual," Hicks said.

After killing his wife, the state claims, Jason Young drove through the night back to the hotel and then continued on to his sales meeting in Clintwood, Va., approximately three hours west near the Kentucky border.

Prosecutors have speculated that Jason Young's motive was that he no longer wanted to be married.

The couple's relationship had been troubled in the months prior to Michelle Young's death, Wake County Assistant District Attorney Becky Holt said in opening statements Monday.

They were two different people with different desires in life. Michelle Young was a planner who wanted to settle permanently into family life. She was pregnant with her second child, Rylan, at the time of her death.

Jason Young, on the other hand, had felt that he was pressured into marriage when the couple found out in 2003 that they were pregnant with Cassidy. Unlike his wife, he was a free spirit stuck in the college way of life and was resistant to settling down, Holt said.

The couple argued frequently, Fisher testified, and Jason Young often gave his wife the "silent treatment" and "played the divorce card."

"He said it would be even more difficult being divorced from her than it would being married to her," she said.

Fisher said she would often serve as an intermediary to help them talk about common issues in their marriage – Jason Young being irresponsible, Michelle Young's mother, money and a lack of sex.

They had been to counseling, Fisher testified, but Jason Young didn't like the counselor. Michelle Young sought professional help on her own.

"She was depressed," Fisher said. "She was miserable."

Defense attorneys say there's no physical evidence linking their client to the crime and that, despite the state's evidence that showed Jason Young wasn't a good husband, he did not and could not have killed his wife in the time that the state contends.

"There is no question that he has acted like an obnoxious, juvenile jerk," attorney Mike Klinkosum told jurors in his opening remarks. "But what you have to remember, ladies and gentlemen, is that we don't convict people of murder because they acted like jerks."


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  • aquamarine46 Feb 8, 2012

    *fromageball........Yes, we ALL KNOW what happened to Michelle, now they are trying to get the guilty person taken care of properly. He is JUST as guilty of this crime if he hired someone to do it, BUT, this was a crime of passion, and even if you hired someone to kill your spouse, it would not have been this violent. He did it......now let's just pray the prosecution can get the jury to believe it without question as well.

  • kermit60 Feb 8, 2012

    The crime scene being bloody, the little girl being upset, and the sister finding her and how awful it was is just that, it was awful. It wouldn't have been any better no matter who had done it. Being awful doesn't prove anything. It just makes people very emotional and that when we make bad decisions.

  • fromageball Feb 8, 2012

    "He DID this....but was just cautious enough to not leave the physical evidence behind."

    Right, and in court it's not about what the person did or what anyone "knows," it's about what the prosecutor can prove.

    In this case there is too much missing information for them to prove anything other than that nobody knows what happened to Michelle.

  • Lightfoot3 Feb 8, 2012

    "I think state scored a couple points yesterday with having Meredith" - tigresspen

    They always score points when you have a relative of the victim testify. It's an emotional volley and that usually hits the mark. I really feel sorry for her and what she went through.

    "Hicks was asked if he saw any debris like sticks or twigs in the door jam" - tigresspen

    I don't know the details on this, but if people were coming and going, someone could have removed the stick and replaced it with a more secure rock. I've seen that done. In fact, when I find that at a hotel I generally will remove the debris. Did that at the last hotel I stayed at. I kept finding the back door open and I kept closing it. :)

    "I wonder where the clothes are that he changed FROM. Were they ever found?" - aquamarine46

    Given he testified at the last trial, what was his response when the DA asked about them?

  • buford Feb 8, 2012

    And again just my opinion but she did not sound very emotional on the 911 tape. Seem to calmly give account of the surrounds - halebic

    She didn't have time to be emotional - she had to take care of a 2 year - nclissy79

    I totally agree with this. She was clearly upset, but trying to keep her emotions in check for the sake of Cassidy. You could hear the emotion in her voice when she said "she's cold"...I'm sure once she was away from Cassidy she lost it...

  • dogwonder Feb 8, 2012

    The three hotel witnesses seemed a bit annoyed. Atleast the manager kept it real and advised that doors are propped open by guests for sneaking people in.

  • Lightfoot3 Feb 8, 2012

    "Don't you think your comment is a bit juvenile?" - chattycat

    Of course it is. But that's the kind of mentality you encounter on these type of Internet forums. The type that can't handle differing opinions or any challenge to their way of thinking. Everyone else is illogical or incapable of intelligent thought in their eyes. Instead of responding in a rational mannner, they use hyperbole or sarcasm. If your dare question them on crime, they tell you to live with criminals. If you question their political choice or support of a law, they tell you to move to another country. Given anyone can get on the Internet now, people that were generally sheltered are now being exposed to the diversity that is America. And some of them have a hard time dealing with it.

  • tigresspen Feb 8, 2012

    I think state scored a couple points yesterday with having Meredith tell the jury about the custody agreement and no smoking and Hicks was asked if he saw any debris like sticks or twigs in the door jam and he said no only the rock. When Jason testified at last trial he said he went outside to read his paper and smoke a cigar and he used a twig to keep door from locking.

  • itsmyownopinion Feb 8, 2012

    If anyone else saw Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams "discussing" this case on Good Morning America this a.m., please post your thoughts. Thanks.

  • aquamarine46 Feb 8, 2012

    There have been many cases where circumstantial evidence has convicted the proper person. This is one case where that should definitely be. He DID this....but was just cautious enough to not leave the physical evidence behind. I wonder where the clothes are that he changed FROM. Were they ever found?