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Second jury to hear Jason Young murder trial

Posted February 6, 2012

— With opening statements expected Monday morning, Wake County prosecutors will get a second chance to prove beyond a reasonable doubt their theory that Jason Young brutally beat his wife to death inside their Wake County home more than five years ago – a crime the 37-year-old has maintained he did not commit.

Michelle Young, 29, was five months' pregnant when she was found in a pool of blood inside her home on Nov. 3, 2006.

Jason Young murder trial Full coverage: Michelle Young murder case

The couple's daughter Cassidy – 2 at the time – was found hiding under the sheets of her parents' bed.

Details of the case – investigators found bloody footprints inside the home and a 911 call captured the sounds of a young child referring to her mother's wounds as "boo-boos" – prompted local and national media attention as investigators worked to capture a killer.

Through search warrants and a wrongful death lawsuit, the investigation unfolded with authorities focusing on Michelle Young's husband as the prime suspect.

He was arrested in December 2009 and charged with first-degree murder.

Jason and Michelle Young Timeline: Michelle Young murder case

In June, after more than two weeks of testimony, Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens declared a mistrial after an "immovably hung" jury failed to reach a verdict.

This time around, it's unclear how the state's case – or the defense's – might be different.

In search warrants filed since Young was released from jail this past summer on a $900,000 bond, investigators have asked for access to more of the couple's bank and credit card accounts.

Defense attorneys have also gone after files from a wrongful death lawsuit in which Michelle Young's mother was awarded more than $15 million.

One thing is for certain – it's expected to be much longer. Attorneys have said that they expect testimony to last anywhere from four to six weeks.

It took attorneys 12 days – one day longer than testimony in the first trial – to seat a jury of eight women and four men.

A medical software salesman at the time, Young said he was out of state on business and was sleeping in a Virginia hotel when his wife was killed.

He never spoke to investigators, family members or friends about his alibi or the crime, but during his first trial took the witness stand to tell his side of the story.

He admitted that he could be an "immature jerk," that he cheated on his wife and that he could be juvenile and obnoxious at times but that he loved his wife, daughter and unborn son and that he was working on his marriage.

Prosecutors, though, contended that he didn't want to be married and that the couple frequently argued in front of family and friends about his behavior.

"He didn't want to be pinned down. He didn't want the responsibility," Assistant District Attorney Becky Holt said during her closing argument in Young's first trial. "He wanted to go on with his life. He wanted to live as a single person."

He checked into the Virginia hotel on the night of Nov. 2, 2006, and drove 169 miles back to his home, the state contended.

He beat his wife with at least 30 distinct blows to the head, drugged his daughter with adult-strength cold medicine and returned to Virginia to continue with his business trip.

Defense attorneys, however, argued that someone else, possibly two people, killed Michelle Young, noting DNA evidence found inside the house didn't match their client.

There was no physical evidence linking him to the crime, his attorneys said. He didn't have time to commit the crime, and even circumstantial evidence showed that he didn't do it, they said.

"We will never know what happened at 5108 Birchleaf Drive that night," defense attorney Bryan Collins told jurors during his closing argument on June 23. "This case is not solved."


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  • Lamborghini Mercy Feb 6, 2012

    Just by the looks of this guy I don't think he's going to win the jurys decision. The guy has already lied about his whereabouts that night and admitted to cheating on his wife prior to this incident. Perhaps his sideline becky would know more about the happenings that night.

  • uncw05 Feb 6, 2012

    faithtripp- generally it's the victims family that gives the picture to the station, and has to sign over rights.

  • Charity1218 Feb 6, 2012

    WRAL, I am really disappointed with you being as disrespectful to the family of Michelle to use this particular photo.

  • janesdean55 Feb 6, 2012

    I liked the post from earlier that said all of you who are witholding evidence please give it to the DAs office so they can get a conviction this time. I don't know if he's guilty or not. Neither does anybody else here on this forum......but you all sure act like you do.
    February 6, 2012 11:20 a.m
    how would you like becky holt prosecuting YOUR suspected killer ? this woman couldn't hold a juries attention long enuf to get out the opening statements. WHY?
    because she is unprepared, doesn't give a cr*p about this case or murdered pregnant women or 2 yr olds who get left at the murder scene with their dead mom for 10 hours alone. And I'm thinking she is sedated. SHe is doing a rerun of the first round, and she should be fired today. Poor Michelle Fisher Young, can't get a break on this thing, gave her life, her babies life and her daughter will grow up without her mom and becky holt is on drugs or something; Did willoughby not watch her first performance ? fire her

  • nonPC Feb 6, 2012

    god save you from golo if you are ever on trial...guilty or not.

  • solarflare40 Feb 6, 2012

    RE: "You have any proof that he is guilty? "

    There was plenty of evidence for people who can think logically. What proof do you have that ANYONE else did this? Ummm, I'm waiting. That's right - NONE! Don't care what you think, but JY IS guilty, and there is plenty of circumstantial evidence that points ONLY to him. Too bad you can't see it.

  • love2dostuff Feb 6, 2012


    I am pretty sure what @solarflare is trying to say is that he or she believes JY killed his wife, and even I would agree with this belief.

    Now, whether the state can prove it to a jury is an entirely different thing.

    As far as him or her "eating" his or her words... It will NEVER change someone's opinion that he's guilty.

    I agree with you 100%. However, I don't think that's what solarflab is trying to say. If she is, it isn't coming out correctly. None of us here knows if he's guilty. It's a little premature to start screaming his guilty and assembling the villagers with their pickaxes and pitchforks.

    If solarflab truly believes he's guilty, then she also believes that everyone from the police, investigators, judge, attorneys, DA's, and jury are all simpletons and have missed something that only solarflab can see. I'm just trying to give her the benefit of doubt on her opinion but can't because of her shortsightedness.

  • abylelab -BT- Feb 6, 2012

    ++Yes, because mom's give their 2 year old children ADULT tylenol PM and ADULT prescription sleep aids ALL the time. Seriously people! Some of you amaze me. No wonder the first jury couldn't reach an agreement with so many ignorant, naive people walking around!

    hey, pediatricians even sometimes PRESCRIBE adult strength meds for children, who's being naive?

  • janesdean55 Feb 6, 2012

    some of these posters know what time it is, too bad the prosecutor is asleep and trying to put the jurors to sleep too. cmon holt don't you have a law degree, any murder case experience ? You becky holt will have WASTED taxpayers money for two trials, 5 years of investigation if you dont get your game together, and get some passion for a 29 yrold pregnant mom and her unborn baby who were annhilated and prosecute her case

  • canucmypointofview Feb 6, 2012

    "so they are going to challenge his statements about seeing the car accident right? shouldn't be too hard to narrow down which accident it might've been...assuming he's telling the truth.

    This whole case hinges on that story IMO!