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Southern Pines man charged in sexual assault

Posted December 1, 2011

— A Southern Pines man faces accusations that he sexually assaulted a person, police said Thursday.

Investigators said that Marco Lynn Cheatham, 23, committed the reported assault in an apartment on Shaw Avenue around 8 p.m. Nov. 23. More details about the incident weren't released.

Cheatham was charged Monday with second-degree sex offense, second-degree kidnapping and two counts of failure to comply with pre-trial release. He was placed in the Moore County jail under a $150,000 secured bond.

Police records show that Cheatham has been arrested at least three times since May on charges including assault on a public official, resisting an officer and speeding to elude arrest.

He was convicted in 2007 of assault with a deadly weapon, according to state Department of Correction records.


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  • Rico Dec 2, 2011

    "Put Americans back to work"
    Build more prisons-hire more corrections officers-

  • Mark Hayes Dec 2, 2011

    Maybe it's time to look at those who are in charge of our legal systems,maybe they need to be removed for not doing their jobs,law enforcement can only catch these people it's the side bar deals made that lets them get a lighter sentence.

  • nonemeant Dec 2, 2011

    Someone said we need to 'foot the bill' for more prison space. I disagree. The guv mint needs to get rid of the bloat--bloated payrolls and office workers who are keeping spaces warm. Also stop spending $15 for a cupcake like they did at the U. N. this past summer!!

  • emerald7575 Dec 2, 2011

    death penalty

  • BubbaDuke Dec 2, 2011

    I'm sure this 'man' makes his family proud. When he was a little boy, they had such high hopes he would grow up and be another worthless blight on society. He's squandered the potential God gave him, and while God is merciful, He does expect His children to live in cooperation with one another. Those who refuse to obey the simple rules of a civil society are to be kept apart from society. Society must protect itself from those who would prey upon it, and if that means using capital punishment for repeat offenders, so be it.

  • danunger Dec 2, 2011

    Extra jail space can be done with canvas and wire fences. It works in Arizona and they don't have A/C. They have heaters for those cool nights and that is sufficient. One TV with VERY limited channels (news only), and give them a deck of cards, why should they have it better than our soldiers?

  • Rebelyell55 Dec 1, 2011

    I'm like most see these crimminal and scream blood murder that they're not in jail, but the fact is, there is limited jail space. Unless we're all willing to foot the bill to lock em up, then we need to understand the efforts by our judicial system. I for one would be willing to pay more taxes for more jails, but only if it mean we do away with the perks that they get now. No TV, no excise equipment, no computers, nothing but a bed and work. The current jail situation is a joke for rehabilitation or a deterrent for not committing a crime. They claim they have to have these items to keep peace in the jail, no they don't. Use of these item at time for good behavior but not as a "right". If someone wants to donate stuff, fine, let em, but the "right" to use them must be earned. What's needed is a new system, because the one we got now don't work.

  • SmokeWagon Dec 1, 2011

    ..."and two counts of failure to comply with pre-trial release..."

    So there you go...ANOTHER perp with a rap sheet as thick as a phone book....WAKE UP JUDGES....!!!!!!

  • fugitiveguy surfaces again Dec 1, 2011

    I knew Marco when he was younger, he was a good boy. He just fell in with the wrong crowd. Once he started with the krunk it was all down hill.

  • Mark Hayes Dec 1, 2011

    Is this what Moore County taxpayers are paying for?