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Sons charged, father sought in vandalism, theft from state vehicles

Posted January 1, 2015

— After months of investigation, State Capitol and Raleigh police made two arrests Wednesday in the vandalism and thefts from dozens of state-owned vehicles.

They have two men, ages 17 and 18, in custody and are looking for their father, law enforcement sources told WRAL News.

Dantwan Bridges, 17, faces a total of 46 charges involving breaking into 22 cars, stealing gas cards and a cell phone and lighting one car on fire.

Rodney Wilson, 18, faces 6 charges involving break-ins and thefts from three cars.

Bridges and Wilson were being held Thursday at the Wake County jail and face a first court appearance on Friday.

The men's father, Rodney Jermain Wilson, is also a suspect in the crimes, but police have been unable to find him.

The elder Wilson, 36, has a history of similar crimes that date back for a decade and has spent time in jail, most recently in 2012, for breaking and entering vehicles and larceny.

Family members said the two younger men had bright futures and may have been lured into a life of crime by their father.

Authorities agree. Investigators referred to Rodney Jermain Wilson as the ringleader.

Between Sept. 12 and Oct. 6, the Department of Public Safety says 65 vehicles were vandalized and 23 credit cards were stolen. Charges were made on those cards totaling more than $35,000.

A spokesman with the Department of Public Safety said credit cards were not kept in all the vehicles and were not taken in some cases, but the thefts prompted a change in policy. 

"DPS has taken steps to ensure that no cards remain in its fleet vehicles, and all the stolen cards have been canceled," department spokesman Keith Acree said.



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  • babylaceycarpenter Jan 2, 2015

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    It's definitely a "hate the government" stance. Although I am quite sure that there is the occasional "I'm just here to get a paycheck" type in every facet of government, from city/township all the way to the feds, for the most part, people do their jobs and do them right. Most people enjoy what they do.

  • flyfish42 Jan 2, 2015

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    Wow, that;s pretty harsh and a pretty broad brush there, Alexia. My experience is that most state employees are pretty dedicated and working to make things better for the likes of you. Do you have an actual problem with them, or is that just a "hate government" political stance?

  • lovebelle99 Jan 2, 2015

    Eric Holder supporters out making the community safer.

  • Alexia Proper Jan 2, 2015
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    They are state employees. They don't care. Call them on the phone about something and you'll learn they don't care.

    Then they get promoted by others who don't care, but know how to not be disruptive. They're laid back attitude is why they didn't take action after the first few incidents.

  • johnnymanziel Jan 2, 2015

    Time to set an example and give these two fine young teenagers 45-60 years behind bars.

  • rastubar Jan 2, 2015

    To the John Q. Public, you are paying for this from your taxes to the State of NC. So you were robbed and vandalized personally. Happy New Year.

  • flyfish42 Jan 2, 2015

    After 60+ cars are vandalized and/or broken into, they are still keeping the credit cards in the cars???

  • Goodone2 Jan 2, 2015

    I LOVE the picture from his INMATE ID card. Expected that.

  • nerdlywehunt Jan 2, 2015

    It takes a village!

  • Common_Sensey Jan 2, 2015

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    The SBI and State Capital Police purposely didn't shut off the gas credit cards in hopes of catching the thieves using them to buy gas on camera, and that's exactly how they caught them. The problem was is that many gas stations have horrible surveillance cameras.