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Some year-round Wake County schools may change to traditional

Posted September 16, 2008
Updated September 17, 2008

Wake County Public School System

— Some year-round schools in Wake County may change back to a traditional calendar.

In a meeting Tuesday, school board members considered the change because student enrollment has fallen below projections.

The school system's estimated 130,000 students could grow by 10,000 next year. In response to growth, the district had converted 22 schools to year-round calendars.

Last year, many year-round schools were also below capacity because hundreds of parents opted to stay in traditional-calendar schools.

School administrators have said year-round schools are necessary to help the system manage its booming student population. They accommodate about 25 percent more students than a traditional school because one-quarter of the student body is always on break.

The subject of year-round schools in Wake County has been contentious, with a lawsuit filed to keep attendance at them voluntary.


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  • NCTeacher Sep 17, 2008

    poohperson- no need to be condescending. I wasn't saying that the entire educational system needs to cater to my wishes. I simply stated my opinion and why I dislike the idea of year round schools. Everyone doesn't have to feel the same way I do.

    Teaching is not a job that I have been able to leave at work, so to do my job well I have to put in a few hours each evening. I am not complaining about those extra hours because they show when it comes to my students education. But it does limit the coursework I can manage while school is in. I refuse to sacrifice teaching quality to further my education.

    I would have LOVED to go straight through college and finish my masters and doctorate before I went to work. Financially that wasn't possible. My ultimate goal is to teach methods classes at a university level. You have to have classroom experience before you can succeed in that kind of career. There are many aspects of it that you can't teach until you have been in the classroom.

  • bs101fly Sep 17, 2008

    time for YOU to crawl out of the batcave and take a look around.
    we're in the 21st century!

    I disagree, surprised I know.
    Athletics is not a guaranteed part of education so that argument is a joke. The schools DON'T want to suffer the loss of athletics, more like the college recruits, but do NOT kid yourself, split shifts at a minimum will come to high schools before it's over. How else do you think they will "by law" educate the onslaught of acne faced kids flooding the schools???
    They aren't going to build enough to keep up, with failed bonds, CC's not approving the boe's scams and land continuing to dry up.

    Get that PhD and be ready to move on!

  • poohperson2000 Sep 17, 2008

    NC Teacher- people at my work and as well as myself have accomplished degrees, MBA's, and CPA's while working full time. That is the real world and a hard fact if you did not finish your education earlier on.

  • NCTeacher Sep 17, 2008

    It is highly improbable that high schools would ever be able to go year round. There are too many conflicts with athletics, extracurriculur activities and advanced classes. Same with split shifts- it would be a nightmare to try to coordinate all of that along with splitting the high schools into morning/afternoon shifts.

    I personally don't like year round schools. I use my summer to take classes to work towards my masters and eventually, hopefully my PhD. It would be very difficult to do that in a year round school. Yes, I can take classes during the school year and I do, but it is so much harder to do my coursework and still fully devote myself to teaching.

  • batcave Sep 17, 2008

    Not a new concept and NOT a concept Wake County families deserve!

    So who died, you don't speak for everyone you just think so. Again the concept on being off in the summer was based on climate, as in no AC in the house and farm work. The calender has been in place along time a limits students options as far as months and hours cause some people are married to some clock or calender.

  • bs101fly Sep 17, 2008

    "The first year round was started around the arly 1900's- not a new concept.'

    So the best the Wake County School Board can do is force a century old idea on us???

    Not a new concept and NOT a concept Wake County families deserve!

  • batcave Sep 17, 2008

    The school calender could be the one thing that hasn't changed much in the past 100 years, unlike everything else, very naieve to think it won't change. The first year round was started around the arly 1900's- not a new concept.

  • kittiboo Sep 17, 2008

    Reader-It is not a ploy by the NCEA [sic] (it's actually the NCAE)to et higher pay for teachers, even though we certainly deserve higher pay for many other reasons. We STILL work the same number of days, and our pay does not, and should not, change. That's just silly.

  • NCmama Sep 17, 2008

    I remember reading about all this nonsense when I moved here in 2000 and foolishly thinking it would be resolved by the time I had kids in the system. Fast forward 8 years and I now have 3 kids who are each 2 years apart. With our MYR ES and traditional MS, I will have a period of FOUR years where my children are on different schedules! In a household where both parents work full-time, this is completely unmanageable, and as many posters have commented, what is most outrageous is that this situation, which has such a significant impact on my family, was forced on me based on nothing more than my address. And now that we've been through one full year of this, I just don't see the advantages. Instead, my kids ask me why they are always in school and I feel like I am constantly checking homework - there is no real sense of a break for any of us. Please bring back YR as CHOICE-ONLY!

  • Chris_H Sep 17, 2008

    This is my last year with YR, Thanks goodness. Oldest graduates from High School and the youngest starts. To my kids it was a minor inconvenience and as far as my youngest he hated having to shove all his visits to cousins and grandparents into 3 weeks, he is looking forward to a long summer again. Mom and Dad that was another thing, we will be so glad when this is done, very tiring on us always having a kid in school having to get them up and out the door by 6:50Am YR, making sure that homework is done YR and finally when one is off and is enjoying his "break" that does not undermine the sleep and focus that the other needs for school. Meaning staying up late or having friends over when the other is in school. Also having to pry the Year Rounder away from playing XBOX with his buds that are tracked out. Now I will wait and see what unsettling plan the WCPSS has in store for my youngest and the overcrowded high schools!!! To bad we missed out on some final family time due to YR.