Some want to shoot down NC Sunday hunting ban

Posted April 23, 2014

— North Carolina is one of only 11 states that restricts hunting with a gun on Sunday, but some hunters want to remove the state from that list.

Farmers are some of the biggest opponents to changing the Sunday hunting law. For many, it's about having peace and quiet one day of the week.

"I'm a Christian. That was one of the things you didn't do on Sunday was hunt," said Fred Burt, who raises cattle on a 700-acre spread in near Fuquay-Varina.

Burt is a hunter and sometimes lets other hunters onto his land.

Justin Rogers, owner of NC Hunter Supply in Raleigh, said hunters have wanted to pull out their shotguns on Sundays ever since lawmakers legalized Sunday bow-hunting in 2010.

A Senate bill introduced last year would allow Sunday gun-hunting on private property, but it stalled in a Senate committee shortly after it was introduced.

"For everybody to be able to have that opportunity on Sunday, I think, is great," Rogers said. "There's nothing much better for a hunter than to be able to take your family out in the woods to hunt."

Peter Daniel, assistant to the president of the North Carolina Farm Bureau, said that, even if farmers opposed to Sunday hunting don't allow it on their land, hunters could spill over from nearby property.

"(They should be able to) find out what's going on on the back 40 or back 400 acres without concern of a stray bullet or gunshots," he said.

Daniel said he would like to see both sides sit down with lawmakers to hammer out a compromise that both farmers and hunters can accept.


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  • 12345_here Apr 28, 2014

    To be Honest, I think hunters should be allowed to Hunt on all days within season. The season does need to be controlled for population and overhunting reasons though. So perhaps allow Sunday hunting with a shorter season?

  • notexactly Apr 25, 2014

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    No its not fair! You can hike or ride anytime of the year. I can only hunt with a gun 3 months or less. Its my land, I should be able to hunt it when I want too during the hunting season. Why is that so hard for you guys to get? What if the laws said you couldn't hike or ride on your land on sunday? Would that be fair in your eyes?

  • notexactly Apr 25, 2014

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    Um I never use vacation to vote! If you do then that is your own fault. The polls are open well before and after work hours and on Saturdays. If you do use your vacation to vote I bet it is also to do something else on that day as well. Point is I own land that is remote, I should be able to hunt it when it is convenient for me. You can hike or ride when you wish, I should be able to hunt on my land when I wish. In fact I can only hunt in season, you can ride or hike when ever you choose, not so with hunting

  • notexactly Apr 25, 2014

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    Oh that explains it then! Thanks! Another ignorant complainer. Maybe he should read up on hunting from a elevated stand then. I mean If I am up 20 feet in a tree and shoot down at a deer, the bullet will either pass through the deer and go into the ground, or not pass through at all. But I am sure he has an excuse for that to. Sad uneducated people are the problem not the hunters.

  • barbstillkickin Apr 25, 2014

    Why is it we always want guns to be stopped. I live on the edge of a city so we here guns all the time. Sunday is a day of rest but yet you here lawnmowers and people working so why not let hunters hunt. Some times I think it is just people who want guns banned.

  • Lightfoot3 Apr 25, 2014

    "I would guess you are a anti gun anti hunting person? I may be wrong" - notexactly

    He's an anti-gun extremist from the UK that has been posting out here for a while, though under another name, "Haggis Basher". He's no hunter. He claims hunters are murderers who just like to kill things, though he's silent about how he thinks the meat he eats gets in the grocery store. He claims he shot a pigeon once with his father's gun.

  • 68_dodge_polara Apr 25, 2014

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    That is exactly what he advocates in posts on other articles.

  • notexactly Apr 25, 2014

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    Grand union Can you read? I can already shoot on sunday . It is not illegal to shoot on sundays. So your point is mute about bullets and the noise when hunting. You are just one of those folks that complain about everything. I would guess you are a anti gun anti hunting person? I may be wrong.

  • ncguy Apr 24, 2014

    Love it when people say
    Change jobs

    Very easy to say that when u can hunt any day if the week
    Unfortunately I have to take of all those who don't work

  • Nope Apr 24, 2014

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    What beliefs?? That you should be able to go to the store on Sunday if you want?