Some state employees getting raises

Posted January 22, 2014

Gov. Pat McCrory holds a news conference at the Governor's Mansion on Jan. 21, 2014

— Although Gov. Pat McCrory focused on teacher raises during a Tuesday news conference to outline his 2014 agenda, some other state employees have already gotten a bump in pay.

McCrory said Wednesday that the Office of State Human Resources has implemented pay raises authorized by the General Assembly for employees in high-demand professions, such as medicine, accounting, auditing and information technology, with the goal of reducing turnover.

The 3,221 state employees will get an average 4.2 percent salary increase. About 1,200 nurses and 600 law enforcement employees will receive increases up to 4 percent, while others will receive increases of up to 10 percent.

McCrory highlighted teachers during his news conference, vowing to push for raises in this year's legislative session. North Carolina ranks among the bottom nationally in average teacher salary, and the state has provided only a 1 percent raise for teachers over the last five years.

He didn't say anything about raises for other state workers, who likewise have gone years without any significant pay increases.

Lawmakers allocated about $7.5 million in the 2013-14 budget to address market conditions, job responsibility changes and pay equity among state workers.

About 73 percent of the money was used to bring pay for certain state jobs closer to the salaries being paid to the private sector. Another 24 percent went to employees who assumed greater job responsibilities but have not been compensated because of a salary freeze, with the remaining 3 percent used to lessen the wage disparity between similarly qualified employees performing comparable duties.


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  • RDcallsit Jan 28, 2014

    I abhor this man. he's offensive, insulting and utterly disrespectful. I actually thought (against Perdue) he was the better candidate. it's unbelievable we haven't had a quality governor in decades.

  • Paidforalittlewhile Jan 26, 2014

    Mr. (I won't call him Gov.) McCrory doesn't care whether he's reelected or not. This was probably his swan song for NC anyway. With that constant smirk on his face. Those high-paid employees don't know what work is. But that's what Republicans like anyway. To hell with the WORKER is his mind set.

    He doesn't care. He got his top state job and that's all he was looking for. I keep saying it: All you UNEMPLOYED republican voters, you got what you paid for plus screwed yourselves...sweet justice for me.

  • wildpig777 Jan 24, 2014

    View quoted thread

    you oughta be, but it aint entirely your fault. he misrepresented himself-- that's fairly obvious now and the good news is -- he will not stand a chance of getting re elected.

  • ALECarolina Jan 24, 2014

    I didn't vote for Pat McCrory, and I don't mean to sound conceited and arrogant when I give the primary reason why I didn't........I'm smarter than that.

    However, I must admit I was wrong about his job creating skills. I sell paper bags to the folks who voted for him to put over their heads, and I've created new jobs for the additional 275 people that my company has hired since McCrory took office a year ago!

    Who SAYS conservative ALEC shills don't create jobs?

  • gotarheels96 Jan 24, 2014

    ALL state employees need some kind of raise not just a "select" group.

  • Hanging On Jan 24, 2014

    As a State Employee in the IT area (software programmer), my skill set has "staled". Those of you who say "...get another job..." apparently do not understand how rapidly "technology" areas change. I graduated college with a programming degree (using C++), but took a job with the State programming an older language because that is where the job was at the time. I was trained in the older language and now (10 years later), I am a skilled developer in the "old" language. However, I have no new skills (C Sharp, Web languages, etc) in keeping up with "technology". Those of us in technology fields cannot just move to the Private Sector on a whim; prospective employers are looking for people with experience in new technologies, which most State Employees do not have because the software at the State is so out-dated. Currently, I am "stuck" in my position until the State upgrades the systems to something more modern, where I can gain experience and build my resume.

  • cas-65 Jan 24, 2014

    I was in IT with the State for 8 years. Really enjoyed the people I worked with, low stress. After only a 1.2% raise in 5 years, I decided to make a change. I received about a 20% increase in salary/benefits by leaving for a new job in the private sector. I can only imagine what the turnover numbers have been the last few years. The state has done very little to retain talent across the board, not just in IT.

  • 42_wral_mods_suck_i'm_gone Jan 24, 2014

    3,221 raises. They are probably counting promotions for positions empty because people left for the private sector. Sorry Gov a promotion does not count as a raise. It's a higher pay scale so the raise is automatic.

  • dcshadows Jan 24, 2014

    All I hear is whining and complaining. You think Pat is different from all of the rest of the Politicians you froth over. There are 3 types of Politicians. 1 - Super Selfish and will take everyone down with them ASAP. 2 - Selfish and will take everyone down with him, but at a steady pace. 3 - America First - But don't worry, they never get elected.

    Quit complaining like he is different from the rest and quit acting shocked when he doesn't do something you like. He is in it for him and his legacy and every once in a while he will throw the public/constituents a bone. Good Day

  • remer54 Jan 24, 2014

    Like I said before I am ashamed I voted for him he lost me the second day in office with outlandish raises too his cronies.