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Some Raleigh developer fees increasing July 1

Posted June 29, 2009

— The city of Raleigh is increasing connection fees for some city utilities, beginning July 1.

Developers building new homes will pay at least a 4.3 percent increase in various fees, including water services.

A schedule for fiscal year 2010 will be available on the city's {{a href=external_link-1'}}Web site{{/a}} on July 1.

There will be no increases in fees for facilities, construction permit and planning and site plan reviews.


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  • donnied1952 Jun 29, 2009

    New fees for new homes? What new homes? And remember that all these fees will be passed on to us, the consumer, the little guy that can't afford a big accounting firm to hide their income. This is just another way of taking the money right out of our pockets. And stay tuned, there's much, much more to come.

  • Caveman93 Jun 29, 2009

    New fees on homes not being built. Genius. Try again!

  • momeeee Jun 29, 2009

    Should have done this a long time ago and we would not be in the hole were in - let the developers pay for the new roads/schools/etc... not those who have lived here forever!

  • Fun Jun 29, 2009

    Just another day in Meekerville...thats why my house is 4 house sale...I WANT OUT. The audacity of this man, a rumor, pure lie Im sure...about meeting with potential mayorial candidate and persuaded the man not to run...in exchange, he would back him next term when moves to "higher" office.

  • veyor Jun 29, 2009

    When there's a recession, government charges more, private enterprise charges less.

  • working for deadbeats Jun 29, 2009

    Connection fee for trash huh. I'm serious considering dropping my trash service. I have a wake county dump a 1/2 mile down the road which I don't mide going to. I don't live in Raleigh, but I live in a town that is under King Meekers control when it comes to this stuff.