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Soldiers face child sex charges

Posted March 17, 2011

— Police have charged two Fort Bragg soldiers in separate cases with sex offenses involving children in Fayetteville.

Orlando Espinosa, 31, of Briar Circle in Fayetteville, was charged Wednesday with statutory rape, soliciting a child by computer and a sex offense in which the suspect is at least six years older than the victim, among other charges.

Police records state that the alleged abuse occurred in January. Records also list the U.S. Army as Espinosa's employer.

On Thursday, police charged Tiro Waters, 28, on 12 counts of sex offenses involving two children. The alleged incidents occurred over the last six months, police said.

Waters is a member of the 82nd Sustainment Brigade, police said.

Espinosa was in the Cumberland County jail Thursday under a $150,000 bond, while Waters was being held under a $250,000 bond.


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  • sweetbabydeez Mar 18, 2011

    how dare you pizno82 say anything about the parents. Children have access to the internet any where they are not always home. and even if they were the blame falls on these sorry want to be men.And as for them being in they military that has nothing to do with it the army is just a JOB so please people remember that.And the facts are in they just need to give them there punishment and be done with these DOGS And the said thing of it all is that when u can't trust the man in your home with there own children that sucks.there is not punshiment big enough for them. I just pray that the girls will not suffer from all this and the threats that were told to them if they told.Yea I got the facts I support the kids and their parents not the military. I say cut if off and lock them up.

  • bear2010 Mar 18, 2011

    It doesnt seem they were face to face with the the child...My guess is they were online and chatting away with each other. and the chat was too sexually explicit...and the internet police were on the other side of the chat...need more info...

  • SM Mar 17, 2011

    "sm...not sure what you mean by....the army only serves. Our army doesnt protect us from anyone."

    NavySrChiefswife: Obviously, you are one of the "Kill them over there so we don't have to kill them here" crowd. If we were the country fighting off the invading forces, then our Army is protecting us. When we're the invading Army, they're not protecting us, they're attacking others.

  • mikeyj Mar 17, 2011

    We on the blog boards here in JAX also have the same sort of arguments when Marines show up in print. I took this site link over to them Sooo I will try to bring that link here. When Military is your largest populace your major stories are going to revolve around that branch.http://www.jdnews.com/news/statutory-88996-old-year.html

  • bmorse1 Mar 17, 2011

    Hmmm heard of deterrence?? It in of itself is a form of protection.

  • pizno82 Mar 17, 2011

    Where are the parents? They should have been watching this girl. This guy should do hard time in prison. Also the parents need to be held responsible too.

  • NavySrChiefswife Mar 17, 2011

    I agree with Married2aMSG, dont judge all military buy this individual's actions. And in agreement again about other professions that abuse their relationships with kids.

    sm...not sure what you mean by....the army only serves. Our army doesnt protect us from anyone.

  • u stand corrected Mar 17, 2011

    OMG. Let the bashing start for all of our troops because of one. Not to mention we DO NOT have the details yet. BTW... women LOVE men in uniform so don't always be so hard on the military.
    It does bear mentioning that some are dying right now as you whip with words...

  • elizadushkufan85 Mar 17, 2011

    Unbelievable...such a sad story.

  • JKKC Mar 17, 2011

    agglover, I do believe you may have your mottos mixed up a bit. The police 'serve and protect'.