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Snow forces Raleigh council to keep retreat in town

Posted January 29, 2014

A winter storm that dumped snow across central North Carolina coated Wilmington and coastal areas in ice on Jan. 28-29, 2014.

— Mother Nature has accomplished what public criticism could not.

The Raleigh City Council has canceled a planned retreat in Wilmington this week and will instead hold meetings downtown.

The council was supposed to meet in Wilmington Thursday and Friday in its first out-of-county meeting in more than 20 years. The public and even two members of the council questioned the cost of the trip, initially estimated at more than $16,000.

Instead, snow in the Triangle and icy conditions in Wilmington have convinced city officials to meet at the convention center in downtown Raleigh.

"Ice in Wilmington, current and anticipated conditions, and Governor's state of emergency declaration contributed to decision. Not worth the risk," Councilwoman Mary-Ann Baldwin said in a text message to WRAL News.

It's unclear how much the shift will save Raleigh taxpayers.


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  • LovemyPirates Jan 30, 2014

    They should have never planned a meeting outside of Raleigh and I'm curious how many people beyond the Mayor and Council members were to attend. Any meeting that includes meals, meeting rooms, lodging rooms but $16,000 for a mayor and 7 council members is a bit high. Poor judgment!

  • NOTSOBAD Jan 30, 2014

    Probably saved us nothing, sure they had to pay cancellation fees

  • mm23 Jan 30, 2014

    I doubt the money has been 'saved'. Arrangements and reservations are made and likely paid for. So the taxpayer is still on the hook, as always.

  • sinenomine Jan 30, 2014

    The poor dears.

    What hypocrites. They talk big about promoting Raleigh as a destination then take off for Wilmington at the first opportunity to hold their meeting.

    I would like to know which council members voted to hold the meeting in Wilmington in the first place so I can hold them accountable at the polls in the next election.

  • workingforthosethatwont Jan 30, 2014

    great! saved us a lot of money!

  • Bill of Rights Jan 30, 2014

    Oh, the horror of it all! Can you imagine Raleigh's city council having to stay in Raleigh to talk about issues in Raleigh?

    In tomorrow's news: Raleigh City Council learns with shock and amazement that it has to find productive ways to spend taxpayers' money.

  • Tunaboy Jan 30, 2014

    The arrogance of spending $16k on themselves speaks volumes. I will speak further on this matter at the polls.

  • sweetlyght Jan 30, 2014

    Good! Why on Earth would the Raleigh City council meet outside of Raleigh anyway? And why would the trip cost 16,000? I could hold a family Reunion there for less than half of that.

  • Frank Downtown Jan 29, 2014

    Awww. Maybe they can use that money to repair roads and such?

  • scubagirl2 Jan 29, 2014

    "The Raleigh City Council has canceled a planned retreat in Wilmington this week and will instead hold meetings downtown."

    ah gee, ain't that a shame! They should be holding their meetings here regardless. That money would be better put into OUR economy ....As to how much it will save us well lets see. Council members can stay at home=no hotel=$150-300/night savings/council member. drive their own cars=no taxi fares ....they just need to keep having them here like before.