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Smithfield woman reports rape after seeing crime online

Posted October 23, 2014

— Smithfield police said Thursday that they have made arrests in a reported sexual assault in which the alleged victim said she learned of the crime on a social media site.

Travis Devon Graham, 28, of Goldsboro, is charged with first-degree rape and felony conspiracy to commit rape. Juan Hernandez Sanders Jr., 23, is charged with felony conspiracy to commit rape.

A 26-year-old woman told police she attended a party in Smithfield on Sept. 5 and became unconscious after taking an intoxicating substance. She later saw a video of the crime on a social media site, and she reported it to police.

Police declined to release more information and said the investigation is ongoing.


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  • 68_dodge_polara Oct 24, 2014

    Glad to see they were so stupid as to incriminate themselves.

  • PracticalMagick Oct 24, 2014

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    Thank you! +1

  • Sadie Howard Oct 24, 2014
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    Ok so none of you have ever and I mean ever been to a party and put your drink down to go potty or dance so you never sent anyone to get you a drink ok keep drinking and I don't care if it is a soda if they want to spike it they will find the opportunity to do so.

  • Lorna Schuler Oct 24, 2014
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  • PracticalMagick Oct 24, 2014

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    Hope this never happens to your mother/daughter/sister/female loved one...See if you still feel the same about it then.

  • JoCo50 at MXR Oct 24, 2014

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    There were many ways for her to avoid this "rape". Using even one ounce of common sense and she would still be as chaste as new fallen snow.

  • pissedmoments Oct 24, 2014

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    sooooo according to YOU, she said 'hey i'm going to take this Roofie (or whatever) and pass out. ya'll two can go ahead and have sex with me while i'm unconscious, it'll be a blast!" or am i missing something there....because there is video evidence that she was unconscious during the sexual activity.

  • PracticalMagick Oct 24, 2014

    OMG...Blame the victim much?

    Were you there? Did you see her knowingly ingest the "intoxicating substance"? You're sure that nobody slipped a date rape drug into her drink?

    Further, I'm fairly certain that unconscious people cannot consent to sex.

    I hope NONE of you ever find yourselves in a situation like this and then find that people look at you and imply that the crime committed against you is somehow your fault.

  • Elem-Teach Oct 24, 2014

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    Did you read the article? Hello there is a video!!! What more proof do you need?

  • Dale Oct 24, 2014

    They are not going to just go and arrest someone because of what she "claim" she saw online. For there to have been an arrest, the police department would have had to see the video as well. If she was unconscious, that's pretty much rape, taking advantage of someone without their consent.