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Smithfield town manager under investigation

Posted May 4, 2011

— Smithfield Town Manager Eric Williams has been placed on administrative leave amid allegations he handed out unauthorized raises, town officials said Wednesday.

With a tight budget, the council decided last spring to eliminate raises for town employees, but personnel records show four department heads got significant raises with no change in title or responsibility.

The council did not approve the raises.

Williams is on leave with pay during the investigation.


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  • PorkyBunny May 9, 2011

    After reading that Town Manager's claim that he didn't sign off on those raises then I think we need to find out why he didn't know and if he didn't know then who approved them. If no one approved them then doesn't that imply that those employees were embezelling money from the Town?

  • jbiscuit May 6, 2011

    Okay... maybe there is more to the story but as an employee I can't help but feel a little disappointed ... my bad...

  • jbiscuit May 6, 2011

    Maybe they should take all the unwarranted raises and distribute them throughout the town... That would work for me!!! LOL

  • memgml May 6, 2011

    Agree 100% that the Town Manager and council members should have known of these raises. Again, there is much more to this story that I can only hope will come out in the end. I have watched a friend do so much extra work for this town for more than three years and only now is being compensated for that work. In the private sector of business an employer cannot require that employees do extra work and not get paid for their time, it is amazing to me that the public sector of government is almost expected to work for nothing. I hope that the people in "power" that did something wrong and those that received raises that were unjustifiable get the brunt of this, not the innocent people that accepted promotions just as any other American would do if they were offered a promotion.

  • CUalum May 6, 2011

    Isn't the more pertinent question how raises were issued without the Town Manager's knowledge? I know for a FACT that the Town Manager in Smithfield's form of government is solely able to issue raises and it is his responsibility to present said raises to the board for approval. There is much, much more to this story that hopefully will soon come to light!

  • PorkyBunny May 6, 2011

    Unless the data was concealed (which implies they knew it was wrong) how did the town council miss this data in hte monthly financial reports that they are given? Does anyone on that council have the ability to read a basic departmentalized financial statement? If no raises were to be given last year then the simple comparison of approved budgeted salary to actual salary would be evident. I'm thinking that someone buried this info or that at least part of the town council knew about it or the town manager is a crook or the town council members are all in need of some training. At least the mayor noticed the problem eventually.

  • jbiscuit May 5, 2011

    I am an employee with the town of smithfield and I have been doing extra duties for over a year now and I haven't received a raise. What's up with that?

  • memgml May 5, 2011

    I too am a Town of Smithfield resident. The biggest problem I have at this point is how the media is only reporting half of the story. I do not know many of the employees that received the media's so-called "raises", but do personally know one. What the news is not reporting is that one of these under scrutiny was not just handed a "raise", but offered a promotion. From what I understand a promotion requires that one must take on more responsibilities, therefore making it justifiable to make more money. Unfortunately, I do not know that the circumstances were the same for some of the others, but without knowing the entire story I will not weigh in on their "raises". I just wish that all the info. relating to this story would be presented. I don't know many people that are willing to take on more responsibility and not be financially compensated for it, even in a recession.

  • news4u May 5, 2011

    Something smells mighty fishy in the home of the Ham & Yam. Police Captain Bruce 'Almighty' Gentry was just found guilty of passing a stopped school bus on a Smithfield police car and still has his job, he alledgedly did the same thing in Cary in 1991 and Cary Police showed him the door...the record has since been expunged...

  • NoToIllegals May 5, 2011

    My tax value went up over $40,000 and the house is only 3 years old.
    ABSURD! No wonder we have some of the highest taxes around.
    Try to sell house that's tax value is OVER the selling price.