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Smithfield Rescue Mission in need of financial support

Posted November 19, 2013
Updated November 20, 2013

— People who have nowhere else to go turn to the Smithfield Rescue Mission for help, and now, it is in need of some help of its own.

Ben Olsen, the nonprofit's associate director, says the nonprofit is about $4,000 in debt and that it is hoping generosity over the holiday season will provide support that's badly needed.

"The Smithfield Mission has been here for 37 years offering solutions for people who are out of solutions, offering hope for people who are out of hope," Olsen said.

Randy Davis is one of those people who benefit from the rescue mission, which provides food and shelter for those in need.

"I never thought I'd be homeless without a job," he said. "To be honest with you, I'd probably either be in jail or dead."

The mission offers several services, including the New Life Program, which give men a second chance by offering medical assistance, job training and individual counseling.

It also provides a similar service for women and children called The Good Neighbor House and does community outreach through its Operation 12 Baskets program.

"I just look at it like this," Davis said. "If this place goes, there's going to be a lot of people out here in this county and in Eastern North Carolina that's going to suffer."

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  • barbstillkickin Nov 21, 2013

    May I just say it is terrible we have so many people in need. I am also handicapped and it hurts me so much when people laugh at me and call me names because I am in a wheelchair. There is absolutely no respect for handicapped people. I can not even get into many places because they have no ramp. I have to pull my wheelchair out of my van and push myself around. This does not bother me because I have done it for 8 years. What bothers me is everyone gets help but us. Black people get everything they want because we do not want to get them mad. I mean they have black award shows now they have a black nativity show but every thing whites have they have to include blacks. Opry says all the people who are still alive that lived back in the beginning of the blacks getting rights need to DIE. I know I should not vent but it hurts when everyone laughs at you because of your condition but would not DARE laugh if you were black. Think about it. Worse yet is I am not racist.