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Smithfield mom faces charge for handcuffing child

Posted July 2, 2009

— Smithfield police charged two adults Wednesday with a misdemeanor for restraining a 4-year-old boy.

Kimberly Britt used handcuffs and rope to punish her child, police said. She allegedly cuffed his hands behind his back, tied his legs and left him in his room. A witness reported the punishment to police.

Britt and Linwood Maurice Stancil face charges of misdemeanor child abuse.

The boy and a sibling were released into the custody of family members.


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  • samiam1244 Jul 3, 2009

    These children need to be taken from the parent's period... A 4 yr. old handcuffed.. these babies are barley out of diaper's. this is child abuse. next the police will be called the parent's murdered the children. why wait for this to happen. it is so sad what children have to endure at the hand'd of grown-ups. now how much strength does it take to overpower a little child. it is sad, sad..

  • LibertarianTechie Jul 3, 2009

    the fine line between punishment and abuse has been crossed.

  • FoxtrotUniformCharlieKiloakaCALM Jul 3, 2009

    Um, they handcuffed the kid folks, they didn't leave him to die. Chill out, get off the bandwagon.

  • pebbles262004 Jul 3, 2009

    Some people are so stupid........They do not need to be parents.. Handcuff and tie them up and put them somewhere...Oh wait nothing will happen to them you can tie kids to trees and leave them there to die these days and only have to spend 12 - 15 in prison... Our justice system is horrible

  • djofraleigh Jul 3, 2009

    As someone said, with the two guilty pleas and long time given the two parents who tied a kid to a tree to die, the example seems to have been missed by these two mental giants of parenthood.

    Of course a parent can control a young parent.

  • Farmgirlnc Jul 3, 2009

    That woman should have her uterus removed.

  • frogluverlbc Jul 3, 2009

    krisandbruiser- this type of punishment is not fit for any age child older or not. what is wrong with people these days who think they can abuse their children? I believe in punishment but alot of this goes way to far, look at the child who died at the hands of his parents tied to a tree!

  • working for deadbeats Jul 3, 2009

    I was being sarcastic...geez you people are sensitive on here.

  • readerman Jul 3, 2009

    and Mom had handcuffs because.......? Sounds fishy.

  • mammab2 Jul 3, 2009

    This is a continuous cycle. These people probably had no upbringing or role models growing up, matter of fact this same type of punishment happened to them. Still.. doesn't make it right but God handles everything in his own time. Punishment is one thing but pure cruelty and child abuse are another. I just hope this little fella is somewhere that he will be nurtured and loved.