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Small plane runs off RDU runway

Posted October 19, 2011

— A small plane ran off a runway at Raleigh-Durham International Airport early Wednesday, an airport representative said.

Two people were on board the plane, but no one was injured in the incident, which occurred shortly before 4 a.m.

The nose of the twin-engine Cheyenne aircraft went into mud beside the runway. A light on the taxiway was damaged.

An airport representative said wet weather might have been a factor in the incident, but the cause hasn't yet been determined.


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  • paginasecunda Oct 19, 2011

    Dr. Obvious, I'm not sure I want to know what you do with your ultralight - your attitude is frightening me more than a little bit. My first priority with aviation is safety. If it's not yours, quit, because you are in the wrong business.

  • paginasecunda Oct 19, 2011

    tapridgen - most aircraft accidents don't involve serious injuries or fatalities. However, the news media fairly reliably reports even the most minor of incidents as "a crash". WRAL has been doing a lot better lately though. I do question however what they didn't report to write this story - there was probably, for example, a car accident with serious injuries from the same weather. It just doesn't sound as juicy as "Small plane runs off RDU runway".

  • paginasecunda Oct 19, 2011

    PStam - why would you ever go hurtling down the runway at a few hundred miles per hour?!? Even a Boeing 747 only takes off at like 180 (roughly, I don't remember exactly, and it varies), and a Piper Cheyenne at 100, by quick internet research (I have never flown either of those types). The planes that I fly get off the ground at about 70.

  • paginasecunda Oct 19, 2011

    ftpc99, it says it went off the side of the runway, not the end. That's possible whether the runway is 10000 feet or 800 feet. Dr. Obvious, putting curbs on the side of a runway would cause more accidents than it would prevent.

  • Dr. Obvious Oct 19, 2011

    Future, Dude, I only pilot ultralights out of Ocean Isle. I don't need the government restricting my flying fun. The curb would protect RDU property from damage, who's going to pay for that sod and light? Probably me as a taxpayer.

  • futureorthodoc Oct 19, 2011

    Dr. Obvious "Why in the world don't they put curbs on runways so that this type of accident could be averted?"

    Dr. Obvious is OBVIOUSLY not a pilot and has not a clue to the dangers that would cause. Try driving you car into a curb at rotation speed. Oh wait, you probably have no idea what that is, OBVIOUSly..LOL

  • gman976 Oct 19, 2011

    Sometimes its really hard to see exactly where the turnoff is if the runway/apron is wet and there are a lot of those awful sodium lights around. It sets up a terrible glare. It may not have involved landing or takeoff and may have just been a taxi error.

  • tapridgen Oct 19, 2011

    I am glad that this was the big Breaking News story on the news this morning. When it was announced that a plane had a problem I was expecting to hear about a terrible plane crash. It turned out to be just a plane that got stuck in the mud. Must be a slow news day at WRAL.

  • ftpc99 Oct 19, 2011

    ftpc99, maybe it was trying to take off and had an engine problem-Mr. D3

    Very true. I assumed it happened upon landing... you know what they say about assuming!

  • Mr. D3 Oct 19, 2011

    ftpc99, maybe it was trying to take off and had an engine problem