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Slow sales delay state lottery raffle drawing

Posted September 7, 2010

N.C. Education Lottery

— North Carolina Education Lottery officials said Tuesday that they were postponing the drawing on a multimillion-dollar raffle by two weeks.

The winning tickets in the Cash Splash Millionaire Raffle were supposed to be drawn Wednesday, but slow sales prompted lottery officials to push the date back to Sept. 20.

“Sales were slower this summer than we had anticipated,” Alice Garland, acting director of the lottery, said in a statement. “We know the extension is disappointing to those raffle players waiting for the drawing, but they still have a great chance to win $1 million. We saw sales increase some in the last week, and the extension will help us meet our main mission – raising money for education.”

The lottery is selling 500,000 tickets for the raffle. More than 190,000 tickets had been sold as of Tuesday afternoon..

Tickets are $20 each, and the raffle has three top prizes of $1 million apiece.

Garland said the lottery wouldn't delay the drawing past Sept. 20.


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  • ginlee00 Sep 7, 2010

    Teachers are already doing so much for so many with so little that we are now qualified to do everything with nothing.

  • ginlee00 Sep 7, 2010

    I wish the money actually went to education as it was purposed to the voters when they elected to allow the lottery. I am a teacher, and I have yet to see where ANY of the money has helped education. All we hear about is how funding for education is so poortaht we lose teachers, teacher's aides, supplies ,equipment. Class size has increased with less resources to help our students.

  • Adelinthe Sep 7, 2010

    commonsensical - "Agreed, the drawing should take place on the date it was originally slated for."

    I agree, especially if the date is written on the tickets or any advertising for the tickets.

    God bless.


  • Adelinthe Sep 7, 2010

    With high unemployment, where do they think we're going to get the money for food and shelter, let alone lottery tickets???

    God bless.


  • tommys5 Sep 7, 2010

    As long as they extend the drawing I haven't lost yet.

  • peppercorns Sep 7, 2010

    hey!!! I was looking forward to collecting my winnings before the weekend...

  • snowl Sep 7, 2010

    I bought (1) last week but only because I did not buy any other lottery tickets. I have a limit on what I am willing to "throw away" so to speak, haha. It is disappointing that they are not having the drawing on time. It won't make me buy another one.

  • commonsensical Sep 7, 2010

    Agreed, the drawing should take place on the date it was originally slated for.

  • AnotherIgnoredComment Sep 7, 2010

    Probably all the tickets bought this week were bought because of the low turnout and increased odds. Now that everyone knows the state is just going to extend the draw dates, why would anyone play this over the regular lottery?

    thats why I bought one....increased odds.....I encourage everyone to not buy a ticket though...the lottery is evil....no one else buy a ticket....its a waste (cmon....money)

  • retromufc Sep 7, 2010

    So what, this is the education lottery. All you people are against education? You might as well open up your window and throw it outside. It's got as much chance as helping someone as putting it into this lottery farce.