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Sloane Heffernan: Single girl in the city

Posted October 6, 2014

Giddy with excitement, that is how I felt. I was going away to Charlotte for a few days to help a friend with a project, and I was going alone! I told my husband that it would be like being a“single girl in the city," minus the dating, of course.

I set out for the Queen City where I would be staying at another friend’s townhome. She is a real-life “single girl in the city," who just happened to be on vacation, so I had the place to myself.

I spent the first day exploring the city. I didn’t make it until noon, before I started missing my family. Once I arrived at my friend’s townhome, it got even worse. I was terribly lonely. This “single girl in the city” wannabe was having second thoughts. This called for a glass of wine, so I packed up and headed out to dinner.

Eating by alone at a restaurant wasn’t terrible, but I missed having company. However, as I sat there in silence, I began to realize it was my own company that was making me the most uncomfortable. I wasn’t used to being alone. Between my job and three young kids, there is constant activity in my life.

The next day I tried to slow down and embrace the idea of being alone. I worked on the project that brought me to Charlotte, but I had the afternoon free. I got a mani/pedi, went for a run and had dinner at another restaurant bar. This time I enjoyed the silence. I felt more comfortable in my own skin. I wrapped up the evening by going to the movies.

I had never gone to the movie alone. Isn’t that crazy! It was liberating. I no longer felt lonely. I felt a stronger sense of self – and reconnected with a part of me that I had neglected.

It was a transformation that I wasn’t expecting. I’m glad that I had a chance to break away from “the norm” for just a few days and get reacquainted with the “single girl” I once knew.

Sloane Heffernan is a mom of three and a reporter for WRAL-TV. Find her here monthly on Go Ask Mom.



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  • snowl Oct 8, 2014

    sure glad that I'm a single lady in the city.....:) and every day of the year!!

  • Wake1 Oct 7, 2014

    Good story!

  • Mark Anderson Oct 7, 2014
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    Umm..guitarman9064 and sw4720, the site has news articles, weather, sports, information about community events and.....get this....blogs. This is a blog. Should be obvious in context.

  • Itsmyopinion67 Oct 7, 2014

    You go GIRL!!!

  • John McCray Oct 7, 2014
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    Thanks Sloane, I may just have to take in that upcoming movie I'm interested in alone.

  • busyb97 Oct 7, 2014

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    It is under the "Go ask Mom" category....not national headlines section.

    Seriously, a few people need to chill.

    Sloane, glad you enjoyed your time out. I wish moms could take that time more often!

  • Henyeah Oct 7, 2014

    Wow. Bitter much ladies? It's just an article about what she did and how she missed her family but ended up enjoying the time. And yes, Southern Girls will always enjoy being called a girl, no matter what job title, or how old we are. It's an expression, not something meant to hold you down or undermind you. Take your march somewhere else....we are tired of hearing it around here. BTW, I'm a happily married, very successful, Southern girl. And I always will be.

  • srw4720 Oct 7, 2014

    The day this was reported must have been 1 slow day.

  • Chris Chappell Oct 7, 2014
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    how is this news?

  • TimeWillTell Oct 7, 2014

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    Wow. Comments like this give feminism a bad name. My wife fought for and won Title 9 funding for her high school womens' teams back in the 70s, and she would do a face-palm over such "feminazi-ism."

    Sloane, you go, GIRL.