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Sloane Heffernan: Bye, bye, baby

Posted November 11, 2013

I never thought getting rid of a piece of furniture could get me so emotional, but this particular piece of furniture held a piece of my heart.

It was a crib that I bought nine years ago before the birth of my first son. It was such an exciting time, filled with joy and anxiety. I wanted the nursery to be perfect. The crib would hold my precious baby. In the end, it held three precious babies.

Now it was time to pack up the crib. How did the time go by so fast? I tried to convince my two-year-old daughter that she didn’t really need a big girl bed, but there is no telling that child what to do. She has a mind of her own and she would not stop talking about getting a big girl bed.

I felt ridiculous shedding so many tears for a crib, but it was what the crib symbolized that broke my heart. It was the end of a chapter in my life. There would be no more babies in our house. Our babies were growing up. Sloane's daughter in her crib

People tell you that time flies when you have a baby. They say cherish every moment. I remember thinking, what in the world are they talking about? There were days when my babies couldn’t grow up fast enough! I wished some of that time away. The sleepless nights and demanding schedule were a struggle.

Now, looking back, I truly understand what they were talking about. Babies do grow up fast, too fast!! I wish I could go back for just one day. I would love to smell that baby smell, feel that silky-soft baby skin and gently lay my babies back in that crib.

Just thinking about it makes me cry like a baby …

Sloane is a reporter and anchor for WRAL-TV and the mom of three. She writes monthly for Go Ask Mom.



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  • mdwrfw Nov 12, 2013

    I just put my crib up....for the second time. My 6th grandchild just turned 2 and when we put the crib in the attic I felt the same bit of sadness I did the first time. Children do grow up too fast and I feel blessed to have gotten a lot of use out of that old white crib.

  • snowl Nov 12, 2013

    I don't get attached to things. But I do understand what you are saying. To me, each child to adulthood milestone is fun and exciting, I do not get sad. This is just me...:)

  • beachmom Nov 12, 2013

    Me too! Mine was just in a crib last week and now he's turning 21.

  • this is my Screen Name Nov 12, 2013

    The process is always bittersweet! Maybe you could use some of these suggestions for reusing cribs:;_Repurposes_for_Old_or_Recalled_Cribs

  • rk1 Nov 12, 2013

    So many can related to your words. Let the tears flow. It is hard to put away or give away the baby items. I always wanted to make a desk/workstation out of my son's crib. I like the idea of a bench too.

  • computer trainer Nov 12, 2013

    Just wait, it will not be long before they will have babies of their own. Grandchildren are such a blessing.

  • carelesswhisper Nov 12, 2013

    I totally understand. My daughter's crib is now her headboard and footboard. The crib mattress is wrapped up in the garage.

  • jwstevens04 Nov 12, 2013

    That's a great idea...I totally understand the emotions of giving up that crib...when we finally took ours down, I cried and cried...each step forward is a little bit of heartbreak. :(

  • nlockamy Nov 12, 2013

    sloan, you dont have to give it up. go on internet and look up headboard benches. you can make a beautiful bench out of your baby bed and put some cute pillows etc on it and have a beautiful keepsake.