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Slain Franklin man's family decries possible plea deal

Posted May 25, 2011

— The accused killer of a Franklin County man, who has been charged with another crime while in jail, might never go to trial if he and prosecutors reach a plea deal.

Franklinton police say that Rashawn Arrington, 24, shot Jesse Montague Jr., 27, in the back as he drove along Sterling Street on Sept. 20. Montague's car crashed into a gas pump at a nearby Exxon station, sparking an explosion and a 10-foot fireball.

"Every day, we wish that we could see him," the victim's father, Jesse Montague Sr., said.

Arrington was charged with first-degree murder, but Montague said the district attorney's office informed him they are working on a plea deal. Arrington would plead guilty to second-degree murder, which does not carry a life prison sentence.

Franklin family worried accused killer will walk Franklin family worried accused killer will walk

"I cannot get my son back. Our family will never see him again," Montague said. "Therefore, I think he should never see his family again."

Montague said there's a strong case for first-degree murder, because several people saw Arrington pull the trigger. He's a danger to the community, Montague argued.

While in the Franklin County jail, Arrington has been charged with assaulting a detention officer. Jail officials say he punched the officer in the face, breaking his nose and eye socket.

Arrington also has previous convictions for larceny from a person and felony drug possession.

"He doesn't deserve to breathe fresh air as we do today," Montague said.

The father said he doesn't understand why the district attorney's office wouldn't send the case to trial.

"I feel like they should go ahead and roll up their sleeves and do their job," Montague said.

District Attorney Sam Currin said he's bound by ethics and can't comment on a pending case. Arrington's attorneys confirmed that they have discussed a plea deal but didn't comment further.

Arrington is due in court Monday.

Montague said that once the criminal proceedings are done, he plans on taking civil action against Arrington.

"My son deserved more than this," he said.


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  • dldobbins May 26, 2011

    This man is obviously a threat to society....he's already killed one person (allegedly) and assaulted prison guard (allegedly). How many people does he have to kill or hurt before someone decides NOT to make a plea agreement and keep him where he belongs....in jail? The family deserves justice for their loved one. Let it go to trial....let this man go to trial and let a jury decide whether it should be 1st degree murder or something else.

  • Lead by Example May 26, 2011

    This is the sad truth for cases in which the death penalty is not, or cannot, be sought by the prosecutor. Non-capital First Degree Murder cases are very often plead to 2nd degree murder, with suspects getting as little as 12 years in prison; on average the sentence is about 20 to 30 years when combined with other offenses.

    All the more reason for the State to use capital punishment more often, whereas the plea deal then usually becomes life w/o parole.

    I work in the justice system in a large county and KNOW this to be true, this is not my mere opinion.

  • rlee1117 May 25, 2011

    Is our whole system of justice now run by the mob or what? Sounds to me like it pays to be a crook in north carolina. Is it run by bob barker or what.Lets make a deal? If this keeps up wqe might as well save money and fire da's and judges in this state. no need for da's if all they do is lets make a deal anymore.We can get a car salesman to run our da's offices! enough is enough now stop being lazy and get to work with your jobs da's and judges.

  • wayneuber May 25, 2011

    This is not the first time victims have complained about Sam Currin and his office. It's not the first time(or last time)he's turned a deaf ear to those who disagree with him. The only thing that can be done is to deliver a performance based appraisal of his work during the next election (vote for anyone who will run against him and pray that they are better).

  • Hater like Darth Vader May 25, 2011

    In China the expense would be a 1 day trial, 1 or 2 weeks worth of meals, 1 or 2 weeks worth of housing, and a piece of rope. Their murder rate per capita is substantially lower than the US.

  • twc May 25, 2011

    Let the plea deal be life without parole!

    I will have to imagine that he was justly rewarded for his attack on the deputy. He sounds like he needs old fashioned justice.

  • hallmark May 25, 2011

    If counties can go back to crimes committed 5 years ago with no witnesses to the crime (Cooper trial,etc.), they can certainly afford to go back and have a trial for a crime where there witnesses. Something stinks here. Why would you put this --- back out in society?

  • Hater like Darth Vader May 25, 2011

    The DA is doing the public an injustice if he is claiming the cost of the trial as the reason for a plea. How about dismissing all Misdemeanor drug charges if you want to save money?

  • hallmark May 25, 2011

    Arrington needs to be in jail for the rest of his natural life.

  • Wishful thinker May 25, 2011

    No plea deal. He shoots the man then runs to Virginia. Does not deserve to be let of of jail.