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Slain college student remembered for his compassion

Posted December 19, 2012

— The steady stream of friends and relatives who arrived Wednesday for the funeral of slain college student Joshua Proutey reminded his mother of the crowds her son always used to draw around him.

Visitors poured into Cleveland Community Church in Clayton for hours. They came alone, or by the truckloads, to say goodbye to the 19-year-old West Johnston High School graduate who was shot to death during a robbery last week.

“We had children in and out of our door constantly, and this is no different,” said his mother, Patty Proutey. “It’s just like being at home, as if Josh is going to bound down the stairs and tell me to order pizza.”

Authorities said four suspects went into downtown Wilmington looking for targets to rob when they encountered Proutey, a student at Cape Fear Community College, and demanded his wallet. Proutey gave his assailants his wallet, which contained $10, his sandwich and his cellphone.

Proutey got into his car to leave and was shot in the head, police said.

“If there’s anything I’d like you to know about Joshua it’s that he was extraordinarily compassionate,” Patty Proutey said. “He was the funniest, wittiest, most fun to be around kid that you could ever (meet) … he attracted people to him because he was so funny."

Joshua Proutey Clayton mom remembers slain son's humor, compassion

Jasmine Nikole Dottin, Christopher Daniel Cromartie Jr., Daniel Edward Henry and Quintell Raheem Grady have been charged with first-degree murder, armed robbery and conspiracy to commit armed robbery in connection with the slaying.

They had a first appearance in court Monday, and three remained held without bond. Henry’s bond was set at $2 million.

But Proutey's mom didn’t want to focus Wednesday on the crime. She wanted to remember her son and all the joy that came with him.

“I’m going to celebrate Joshua’s life,” she said. “And if Joshua was here, he would say, ‘Mom, we’re going to have a big party and we don’t care about that. Right today, we don’t care about that.’ “

Joshua Proutey was in the process of enlisting in the Marine Corps, his mother said.

He will be buried Saturday.


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  • icemann Dec 27, 2012

    the death penalty is to good for this hood trash.

  • superman Dec 21, 2012

    We need the death penalty. Those guys shouldnt be wasting our air and breathing.

  • baldchip Dec 21, 2012

    Westernwake1-maybe with a new governor who is smart and reasonable, and does not cater to left wind idealogs, we will get the death penalty back!!

    If a case ever calls for the death penalty, it's this one.

  • itsyoureternalsoul Dec 20, 2012

    Actually those four guys are too good to work

  • pedrogamboa11 Dec 20, 2012

    Obviously these four suspect(s) all suffer from a mental illness and need help. Well, at least that's what I was expecting to read in the comments section until I saw that the suspects are "Black". I guess they dont get to kill people and be given an out such as mental illness. Go figure..

  • sillywabbitthepatriot Dec 20, 2012

    "Wonder how they got them."

    Probably off the street from someone else or was potentially stolen. No gun laws needed.

  • jscott13 Dec 20, 2012

    Guns in the hands of criminals...AGAIN. Wonder how they got them. Prayers to this beautiful boy's family. He will be with you always.

  • sillywabbitthepatriot Dec 20, 2012

    "We should all challenge him to come on here or via the new channels"

    I could care less what Rev. Barber has to say. Why? Because the ONLY time he speaks out is to cause contraversey. He is nothing but an aggitator.

  • JohnnyVoodoo Dec 20, 2012

    My previous post was censored/denied because it contained issues about race. How unfortunate, being the topic matter of the story has everything to do about race. It wasn't the readers here that made it that way, it was from the words of the very suspects who murdered this innocent young man. If the suspecs would've been white and the victim was black, you can bet that the Rev.Barber himself would've been on here screaming for justice and making threats to hold rallies and protests. We should all challenge him to come on here or via the new channels, to make a statement denouncing this horrible race/hate crime that reflects on both the black community and race relations in general.

  • jcrew1979 Dec 20, 2012

    Another senseless tragedy. God bless his family.