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Local News

Local News

Inmate Sets Fire To Mattress In Vance Jail
Clay Hits Road For Upcoming Tour
Busy Teens Enjoy Pampering At Spa
Prosecutors To Seek Death For Men Accused In Durham Nurse's Murder
Cheney Looking Forward To Spirited Campaign
Cobey Considered Most Conservative Of Gubernatorial Candidates
NCSU Researchers Create Explosive Situation
Man Fatally Shot During Fight In Hospital Maternity Ward
Audit Shows Community College Computers Susceptible To Hackers
Some Say Trash Pickup Latest Problem For Wake County Town
Six Months Later, Garner Teen's Death Remains Mystery
Golf Club Thefts Plague Clayton Community
Durham Police Investigate Fatal Wreck On I-40
Kerry, Edwards Rally Planned For Saturday
Halifax, Northampton Counties Hope To Land New Business With New Airport
House Approves Organ Donation, Fishing License Bills
Durham Police Investigate Shooting Death Of Teenager
UNC Committee Votes Against Using Private Money To Boost Chancellor Pay
It's Official: UNC Won't Use Private Funds To Boost Chancellors' Pay
Durham Citizens Speak Out Against Unfavorable Perception Of City
Sanford Man Killed In Harnett Crash
Sanford Couple Charged In Death Of Baby
Deputies Arrest Mother Of Baby Who Ingested Cocaine
Soldier In Iraqi Abuse Photos Faces New Charges
Cary Couple Charged In Ferret Attack
Pre-Trial Hearing Postponed In Michelle Theer Case