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Local News

Local News

State Lawmakers May Lower Gas Tax At Expense Of Highway Maintenance
North Carolina May Soon See Textile Turnaround
Williamson's 13-Hour Disappearance Sparks Concerns About Community Safety
Wake County Schools Set Course For Future Growth
Dorothea Dix To Ban Unsupervised Visits After Dusk
Raleigh City Council Approves Modified Resolution To Patriot Act
UNC Officials Address Mold Problem At Dental Building
Special Election May Lead To Confusing Ballots In Warren County
Authorities Believe They Know Cause Of Two Clayton Fires
2-Year Wait For Community Pool Pays Off
Satellite TV Company Ordered To Pay Rebates To Customers
Investigators Say Convicted Felon Bought Rifle In UNCW Shooting
N.C. Hospital First To Go Smoke-Free
School Board Puts End To Plagiarism Scandal, Takes No Further Action
Raleigh Police Respond To Growing Gang Problem With Proposed Unit
State Lawmakers Hope To Provide Break At Gas Pump
Wake County Receives Grant To Help Dispose Of Old DWI Cases
Growers' Cooperative Gets Ready To Enter New Tobacco Market
Cumberland Resident Battles Fayetteville Over Annexation
Judge Rules DNA Testing Should Proceed In Goode Case
Raleigh Council Approves New RBC Center Sign
Panhandling After Dark No Longer Allowed In Durham
Hoke County Man Charged With Embezzlement