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Local News

Local News

TONIGHT AT 11: Could New Information Help Crack Old Case?
Harnett Woman Charged In Pit Bull Attack
Cary Man's Work In Haiti Cut Short
23 People Deported In 'Operation Predator'
Halifax Teens To Serve Probation For Blasting Caps Incident
Chapel Hill Fire Caused By Electrical Problem
Five Years Later, Baby Michael Case Remains Mystery
Vandals Damage Wake Forest Elementary School
Morrisville Leaders Do Not Agree With State Estimates
Some Homeowners Believe Next I-540 Section Will Disrupt Way-Of-Life
Federal Agents Hope Recent Drug Crackdown Sends Message
YMCA Fences Off Site Of Wake Deputy's Murder
State Agency Considers Moving Onto Dix Campus
Twelve-Year-Old Dies In Wayne County Fire
Gray, Deng Repeat In ACC Honors
Edwards' Roots Offer Both Appeal, Potential Undoing
Dunn Man Accused Of Forging Dead Woman's Checks
More Cars Reportedly Being Shot Near Vass
'Criminal Beavers' Cause Problems In Warren County
Raleigh To Change Water Treatment Monday
Reassignment Debate Moves To Courtroom
Train Hits Vehicle On Harnett County Tracks; No One Injured
Radio DJ, Shaw Graduate Remembered At CIAA Tournament
Lee County Man In Critical Condition After Traffic Collision