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Local News

Local News

Raleigh Puts On Full-Court Press To Keep CIAA Tournament
Five On Your Side Gives Push To Stalled Scooter Complaint
Local Group Helping Uninsured, Working Poor Get Needed Medical Care
Raleigh Mayor Unveils Funding Wishlist For Projects
Triangle Film Critics, Church Leaders Look At Controversial Biblical Film
Family's Pet Back Home After Reported Theft
Wake Schools Makes Forbes Top Ten List
State Subcommittee Looks At Proposed New Regulations For Pet Owners
Littleton Mayor Opposes Cell Phone Town Ordinance
Zebulon Attorney Accused Of Embezzlement Posts Bail
CIAA Ready To Kick Off Tournament Festivities
Teen Hospitalized Following Raleigh Shooting
Fayetteville Fires Claim Two Lives
State Revenue Investigators Crack Down On Alleged Tax Cheats
Suspicious Death Ruled Homicide
Johnston Authorities Investigate Alleged Dogfighting Ring
N.C. State Students Ask For Repeal Of Noise Ordinance
Vass Police, Drivers Want To Know Who Shot At Passing Vehicles
Former Death-Row Inmate Speaks About Freedom, Rebuilding Life After Acquittal
Ballance Says He Will Not Step Down Despite Hyman Foundation Scandal
Lack Of Sponsor Cancels Raleigh Marathon