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Sisters located after leaving Enfield foster home

Posted February 6, 2009

— The North Carolina Center for Missing Persons on Friday afternoon canceled Silver Alerts for two mentally handicapped sisters who walked away from their foster care home in Enfield Thursday night.

Simultaneous alerts were issued Friday morning for Itaylor Marie Johnson, 20, and Samantha Nichole Johnson, 19, both of 4141 Whiteoak Road.

The sisters were found Friday afternoon at a relative's home in Garysburg, authorities said. Both were safe.


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  • jannita Feb 6, 2009

    Federal and state law allow youth in DSS custody (foster care)to sign voluntary placement agreements upon turning 18. These agreements can last until the youth's 21st birthday. For those who think these girls are grown, not even taking into account their mental disabilities, who among us was ready to step out into the real world completely unaided at age 18? I was a straight A student, 2nd in my class, got into Duke, and found myself in a mess because I didn't know you could only withdraw funds from other bank's ATMS, not deposit. Imagine having no family. No back up. Just you. At 18. That's why they created the option to stay until 21. Add in the fact that youth in foster care lose a year developmentally for every placement change, plus whatever challenges they bring to the table from the abuse and neglect they suffered, plus any developmental disabilities, and you have a great need.

  • Iworkforaliving Feb 6, 2009

    I've known allot of mentally handicapped people who couldn't really care for themselves and they weren't in a foster home. I doubt they are in any danger, no more than the average person on their own.

  • aggie Feb 6, 2009

    I am totally shocked to see this article. This is personal to me. Age is only a number in relation to these girls. They may be 19 and 20, but an average 4th grader has a better mental capacity than these girls. How do I know? Because these girls are like cousins to me as my Aunt raised them. She has put her heart and soul into raising these girls since they were in kindergarten. Put yourself in her shoes and you will realize that she needs support and prayers more now than ever. This could be your 'normal' child.

  • Blessyourheart Feb 6, 2009

    It is possible that these two are in therapeutic foster care (due to their mental state) and have signed a voluntary agreement allowing them to reamain in foster care as long as they are participating in school full time.

  • clrh Feb 6, 2009

    foster CARE home = not necessarily the same thing as foster home for children without capable parents.

    If mentally handicapped, it is possible that their families may have placed them in some sort of group/care setting. If without family, they may be wards of the state who might have been placed there if they were unable to live independently.

  • Whatever Geez Feb 6, 2009

    Maybe they meant a group home?

  • iwideopen Feb 6, 2009

    This is so sad. They do appear on the surface to be normal but for some reason they have mental issues. Even if found how long can they be held against their will in a foster home ?

  • DangYankee Feb 6, 2009

    This is SILVER alert, not an Amber Alert - same you would see for an Alzheimer's patient that has wandered away from a facility. Silver Alerts are issued for adults gone missing, who have mental or medical impairment.

  • haggis basher Feb 6, 2009

    "1) These are adults, why are they in foster care? 2) Adults aren't missing, they are just gone. 3) Hope they are ok."
    1) Maybe because someone cares enough to look after them rather than put them in a home.
    2) they may have been judged not legally responsible.
    3) I hope so. They are those that won't care about their mental capacity when trying to get them into bed or worse.

  • LaLa-Land Feb 6, 2009

    Obviously, they are mentality disabled in some manner.

    Very sad. I pray for their safe return.