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Sinkhole returns on Raleigh's Hammond Road

Posted September 25, 2014

— Last week, state Department of Transportation officials thought they could keep southbound lanes of Hammond Road open at Rush Street through a temporary fix - filling a large sinkhole with asphalt.

It worked for a few days, until the road began to sag Thursday morning due to settling under the road. Crews then poured more asphalt.

"It sank some more, so that idea is not going to go," DOT Spokesman Steve Abbott said.

A timelapse video of the sinkhole, caused by a pipe that formed a large cavity, shows the ground sinking Thursday shortly after repairs were completed.

Crews hoped to reopen both lanes later in the day. That did not happen.

DOT officials said it would not send workers down into the sinkhole because of safety reasons. They plan to plan to dig up the problem spot and lay a more firm foundation underneath, then return in a few weeks to replace the pipe by drilling from the side of the road.

Crews will begin work on their more permanent fix on Friday. One southbound lane of Hammond Road will remain open.


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  • Justin Case Sep 26, 2014
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    Why would the NC DOT fix it right the the first time? It's their MO to 'fix' it, then fix it again. Just think I40, I440, I795, US64, etc. etc....

  • lasm Sep 25, 2014

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    You think!?!? And don't forget to fire the current one! What other ways are they going to find to waste our tax money?

  • this is fdup Sep 25, 2014

    love the video of the same guy standing there watching the whole time standing with his shovel

  • Elaine Perkinson Sep 25, 2014
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    Isn't it evident that DOT doesn't know how to build, fix or repair roads - regardless of the circumstances?? How many times have multiple interstates had to be re-paved at the cost of millions??? Now McCrory wants to borrow a BILLION dollars for DOT - REALLY????? Save the billion and clean house and hire folks who actually KNOW how to do their job,.

  • archmaker Sep 25, 2014

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    #notsomuch ??? except you can go online to Wake County's IMAPS and see that the storm drainage pipe at the corner of Hammond and Rush (where this sink hole is) runs all the way down along Durham Drive and right past the Dialysis Clinic...

  • USMC Vet Sep 25, 2014

    The sky is falling!!!
    The sky is falling!!!
    Kidding aside, sinkholes are very hard to fix, because they're often caused by running water beneath the surface, running water that is often from natural sources and often can't easily be stopped.

  • Eq Videri Sep 25, 2014
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    Daaaaang! That's are Dee-Oh-Tea! Yeehah.

  • phantassy Sep 25, 2014

    Thats scary for anyone who's had to drive over it... it could have given way at any time again.

  • Rodney Hill Sep 25, 2014
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    Sometimes I wonder if people actually read the articles before posting. Did you all not read where it said they fixed the pipe earlier this month? That was the "fix". There could be another problem, but it's not like they just dumped dirt/rock and asphalt here and left.

    Trust me, I love to point out stupid things, but here I don't think anyone can point blame yet.

  • Rodney Hill Sep 25, 2014
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    The Dialysis clinic is about a mile away. Close? #Notsomuch.