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Sinkhole nearly swallows car in Durham

Posted September 4, 2012

Emergency personnel were responding to a sink hole that opened up Tuesday afternoon in Durham, nearly swallowing a car that drove into the gap.

Witnesses said the vehicle was tipped into the sinkhole and nearly perpendicular to the ground.

The sinkhole is near a Bojangles restaurant at 3558 Hillsboro Road, authorities said. The hole is about 8 feet deep, they said.

There were no immediate reports of injuries.


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  • busyb97 Sep 12, 2012

    Looking at the diameter of the hole, I am trying to figure out how the car ended up all the way inside? Given the size, it looks like you would maybe just gotten partially in, like the grill getting stuck on the other side of the hole. But it took the whole front end? Strange.

  • ctca90 Sep 4, 2012

    Mayhem says, "sinky, sinky, sinky..."

  • Gnathostomata Sep 4, 2012

    Beachgal made me laugh...the same thing happened to a guy in Gaston, the one next to Roanoke Rapids, last week with the sudden downpour. He was taken down with a bridge. That would have scared the puddin' outta me. Saw this happen on the road to Alaska quite a few years back when a huge culvert was put under the road and a transfer truck caused it to cave in...no where to go until it got fixed. At least Durham has alternate routes.

  • JoCo-nurse Sep 4, 2012

    cue up the Geico "pothole" commercial...."Oh no... did I do that??"

  • Scubagirl Sep 4, 2012

    even the news on TV called it Hillsboro.......smh
    Do folks not even CARE to report properly and correctly??????

  • MonkeyFace Sep 4, 2012

    lmbo. wow these comments are funny. but yeah how exactly do yu miss a whole that big... smh gots to be more careful #fail

  • beachgal Sep 4, 2012

    That would scare the puddin' outta me! :)

  • bitsyfae1 Sep 4, 2012

    Probably thought, "meh, its a pothole" not knowing it was just a rouse waiting to swallow them whole! Awesome!

  • Dreamchaser Sep 4, 2012

    Some are asking why they didn't see the hole. It could be that the weight of that car is what caused the whole to finally cave in.

  • Glock Ranger Sep 4, 2012

    That would be "Hillsborough" Road.