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Sidewalks are for Humans, Too!

Posted March 29, 2014

What happens when your streets are designed solely for cars? Your communities turn into ghost towns, argue urban planners and critics of urban environments. In a country where many people rely on their cars for even quick trips, pedestrians are often pushed out of the landscape. It's hard to get people out and about, which reduces physical fitness, makes it hard to revitalize business districts, and creates a sense of isolation, even in small neighborhoods.

All that could change in cities like Miami as people start to consider extensive renovations to the urban landscape. Concrete firms could be looking forward to years of good business, along with their Miami landscaping colleagues, as the city transitions to a more pedestrian-friendly environment. It's not just better for the community: it's also better for health and wellness, as walking and being active in the community can improve physical fitness and mental health.

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