Showers possible all day Friday; front to create dreary weekend

Posted September 20, 2013

— A cold front marching toward North Carolina sped up late Thursday in the Midwest, pushing up a window for weekend rain showers and thunderstorms up by about 24 hours, WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner said. 

Light rainfall was falling in parts of the Triangle early Friday thanks to a warm front parked over the central part of the state, and the wet conditions will hold fast through at least early Sunday. 

"We're going to need the rain gear all day today and Saturday," Gardner said. "For the final day of the work week, we could see light rain showers at any point. Nothing too heavy, but enough to keep the roads wet."

The rain will also impact local high school football games, although no thunderstorms are expected. The dreary conditions will help keep temperatures in the upper 70s during the afternoon. 

On Saturday, a large area of rain associated with the approaching front will move into the state by lunchtime. Heavier showers and thunderstorms are possible all afternoon, Gardner said. 

"Our rain chances will skyrocket by lunchtime and into the afternoon," she said. "We could see some heavy rain at times, and thunderstorms are possible. It won't be the best day to have outdoor plans."

Skies will begin clearing Sunday morning, and sunshine could return for the final few hours of the weekend. Daytime highs Saturday and Sunday will hover in the upper 70s, and overnight lows will dip to near 60 degrees.

Sunshine will return on Monday, and temperatures will rebound into the low 80s for several consecutive days. 


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  • Pooter McGooter Sep 23, 2013

    um, this weekend or last weekend?

  • NCSU_JIM Sep 20, 2013

    Greg whats going on with the forecast?

  • Inside The Beltline Sep 20, 2013

    "Climate is not weather." -seankelly15

    You are talking WAY over most people's heads. Climate to most people is this morning's rain shower. We're all of a sudden in a moonsoon zone.

  • BH38 Sep 20, 2013

    Great, forecast after its already started raining today . I believe i could pull that off ...

  • seankelly15 Sep 20, 2013

    sweetsea2 - "He can predict weather 100 years from now. "

    Climate is not weather. Gore talked about climate change not the weather. You can continue to use this silly argument but it just makes you look foolish. I would not be proud of your inability to understand the issues of climate and climate change.

  • ThomasL Sep 20, 2013

    Didn't see this rain on yesterdays forecast?Him forgot our trusty weather people and the great Doppler radar that can't see this coming within a 6 hour window.Money well spent,not.

  • SirWired Sep 20, 2013

    I am amazed by the ability of WRAL posters to consistently work a jab at the political group of choice into a comment on something as innocuous as a daily weather report.

  • censorbait Sep 20, 2013

    We need Al Gore doing our forecasts. He is really good! He can predict weather 100 years from now. A wonderment he is! And invented the Internet in his spare time. Amazing!!!

  • UpChuck Sep 20, 2013

    Oh dear, my life is ending because it is raining; whatever will I do with my weekend plans?!?! Sho' got some whiney hineys on here.

  • PACK_SKINS_CANES Sep 20, 2013

    alexncsu-one shift of the wind and the weather can change anyone with 1/2 a brain would know that.
    Your comments about Greg Fishel were totally inappropriate.
    Sure hope you are 100% at your job, if you have one.