Shortened period didn't dampen early voting

Posted May 22, 2014

Early voting site

— More North Carolinians voted early in the May 6 primary than in the 2010 primary, the State Board of Elections said Thursday as all results from the primary were certified.

More than 1 million votes were cast in the primary, up from 880,000 four years ago, according to the elections board. More than a quarter of the 2014 votes were cast before May 6, up from about 20 percent in 2010.

The higher early voting totals came despite a shorter period. As part of a law passed last year changing North Carolina's elections system, early voting was cut from 17 to 10 days.

Average votes-per-hour at early voting locations increased 34 percent over 2010, elections board officials said.

“Primaries play an increasingly decisive role in our democratic process, and we are encouraged to see greater participation,” elections board Executive Director Kim Westbrook Strach said in a statement.

Second primaries will be held July 15 to decide 19 contests in 37 counties. Early voting for those races starts July 3.


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  • notexactly May 28, 2014

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    um, no we have a state now run by the gop ( thanks to the will of the majority of the people) And I don't remember you complaining of the districts when it kept the dems in for so long. I smell a sore loser scent.

  • Fanny Chmelar May 27, 2014
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    One primary does not the rule make.

  • notexactly May 27, 2014

    WHAT???? Say it aint so!!!! I thought the shorter time would hamper voting. Wow the lefties lies are just falling apart everyday it seems.

  • gadgetry May 27, 2014

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    You cannot get a gun permit online in Wake county. You *can* apply for the process to begin, which includes the background check, and then you must show up in person (with an approved ID) to collect the permit.

  • Confucius say May 27, 2014

    If an ID was required to use an EBT card then those same poor people would get them without fuss.

  • Norman Lewis May 27, 2014
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    This story has not been given equal coverage because it does not fit the "Republicans are evil" agenda. Shortened early voting did not seriously affect any groups ability to cast their ballots for the candidate of their choice but it did save thousands of taxpayer dollars.

  • Danny22 May 27, 2014

    1 week is a gracious plenty for voting.

  • Buck Godwin May 27, 2014
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    those figures can't be correct because the Great Rev. said that "his" folks needed more time; shortened early voting only was established to quash the minority vote. I have been voting for 50 years and have always managed to vote on election day, why is that, maybe because I want to participate in the electoral process and not participate when it is convenient for me, if that were the case then I would demand that the polling place come to me at home. If you don't vote you have lost your franchise to complain.

  • sinenomine May 27, 2014

    After all the blaring headlines about the evil legislature disenfranchising voters why wasn't this story given equal placement?

  • Jason Merrill May 26, 2014
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    Yes you can get your gun permit online in Wake county and now Cumberland county. Both of these went into effect this year. Wake back in February, Cumberland just this month.