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Sheriff: Woman lied about assault in Wake park

Posted October 27, 2008

— A woman who reported that two men attempted to sexually assault her in Yates Mill Park last week made up the story, Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison said Monday.

The woman told authorities that two men attacked her on a walking trail at the park, off Lake Wheeler Road in southwestern Wake County, last Monday afternoon but that they ran off when they heard a noise.

The park was closed for about 90 minutes while deputies and a police dog searched it and nearby neighborhoods.

Harrison said no charges would be filed against the woman.


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  • twc Oct 28, 2008

    So with no charges being filed against her this information can't be presented in the future for someone's defense against her false accusations.

    At the very least, the public is entitled to some kind of information about why she is not being charged! This seems like public information to me. It did involve tax dollars.

  • imtiredofit Oct 28, 2008

    Like everyone else is saying on these posts, I find it unbeliveable that she is not being charged with at the least filing a false police report. If she has some sort of mental disorder then she should be sent to a facility that can deal with that type of problem. But I cannot see her getting off without some sort of legal consequence for her actions.

  • HarleyMan66 Oct 27, 2008

    What does Donnie Harrison mean she will not be charged!?? She filed a false police report, tied up emergency responders and sheriff's deputies. She caused the part to be closed for over an hour.... all for something that did not happen.

    What is Harrison thinking.... charges should be filed. Perhaps the Wake County DA should look into the matter.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Oct 27, 2008

    Heatherbrook: "Waiting for her BOOK DEAL"

    I LOVE IT!!! Jealousy knows no bounds. She probably could have gotten a book deal had she drug this out for another month or two.

  • Heatherbrook Oct 27, 2008

    Waiting for her BOOK DEAL

  • GALNC Oct 27, 2008

    She needs to be charged with falsely reporting a crime. She also needs a psychiatric evaluation. She tied up a ambulance and police personnel on a situation which never existed. While I feel sorry she felt compelled to lie, she needs to be both charged and treated.

  • SalemWWX Oct 27, 2008

    Why no charges? She lied to authorities, taxpayer dollars were spent dealing with this, yet no consequences. Shouldn't they release her name now? Sometimes I have a hard time finding any logic in this world....It's no wonder more and more people feel like they can do whatever they want without consequence.....

  • exwife1956 Oct 27, 2008

    She is in desperate need of attention. Some people will do anything to get on the news.

  • howdiditgettothis Oct 27, 2008

    She needs to be charged with falsely reporting a crime.........perhaps serve some time in jail (to teach her a lesson!) and she should definitely be held liable for the cost of the search.

    Falsely reporting a crime takes away from the TRUE victims.

    Shame on her!

  • bronzegoddess40 Oct 27, 2008

    I sort of figured this when it first happened. No suspects, no descriptions. This is so sad that she had to lie like this, this makes it hard for real crime victims. I hope that she is really thinking about what she has done.