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Shearon Harris tries new fire protection procedures

Posted July 2, 2010

— Federal regulators have given the Shearon Harris nuclear plant approval to try an alternative way to meet fire safety standards.

The plant in southwest Wake County has fallen short of federal fire safety standards for more than 10 years, but the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is testing new standards.

Shearon Harris is the first nuclear plant in the U.S. to adopt the new standard.

Progress Energy, which owns the plant, won't have to retrofit the whole plant, just areas at high risk for fires. The company will have to make some modifications to protect electrical conduits.


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  • mep Jul 2, 2010

    BTW... I feel nuclear power is safe, and would not mind it if they built a plant in my back yard. Then they could dig a pit and bury the waste in my yard! When stored properly, nuke waste is safe. I just hope all those govt inspectors are actually doing their jobs.

  • Sophie Lowe Jul 2, 2010

    Quick NCWARN!!! Make some sort of baseless claim about this new development! Predict the end of the world! Certainly with all the scientists and engineers on your board of directors you can come up with something! LOL!

  • mep Jul 2, 2010

    Anyone else see another Deep Water Horizon" disaster?
    Gee, I wonder if we will let Progress Energy handle any emergencies for a few weeks before the govt decides to step in?