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Shearon Harris still shut down

Posted August 20, 2008

— It's still unclear when Shearon Harris nuclear plant will be back up and running after repair problems stopped production for more than a week.

Workers were restarting the plant Tuesday and performing standard tests and inspections when they found that an electrical problem with the rod control system, spokeswoman Julia Milstead said.

"We replaced the part and are now continuing the process to bring the plant back online," she said.

She could not say, however, how long it would be.

Progress Energy originally shut down the reactor Aug. 11 after discovering a water leak.


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  • chfdcpt Aug 21, 2008

    So the problem was found during routine inspection and maintenance. And the problem is? That plant has been there for about 20 years.

    If we were to look around, we would find that NCWARN was created after those folks found out that they moved next to a nuclear power plant. Sort of like the folks that buy a house near an airport and complain about the noise.

  • CestLaVie Aug 21, 2008

    "...yes plural since there are so many redundancy systems..."

    Maybe more than one redundancy system, but the REAL reason these systems are in place is due to the redundancy of HUMANS!! Human error is usually the BIGGEST factor involved when things go wrong.

    Nuclear power plants are "rather safe" huh? I notice your choice of words in your post. You don't believe they are completely safe either, do you?

    Coal-fired plants give off more radiation than nuclear-powered ones? That's a new one. What are your creds to know this?

  • prosoccer204 Aug 21, 2008

    Since all power plants have these occasion hazards and shutdowns (yes even coal fired plants have shutdowns; oh and by the way coal fired plants actually give off more radiation to the environment than a nuclear plant) it is reasonable for this to happen here. If anything this proves that the safety mechanisms (yes plural since there are so many redundancy systems and back up systems in use) put into place work and thus nuclear power plants are rather safe. And these new designs will only be safer than these Gen II models.

  • jse830fcnawa030klgmvnnaw+ Aug 20, 2008

    And they want two more of these?