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Shearon Harris plant shut down

Posted August 12, 2008

— The Shearon Harris nuclear plant was shut down early Monday after inspectors found a leaky seal in the plant's condenser.

Crews were working to repair the seal, which was discovered at about 1 a.m. Monday, but it was unclear Tuesday how long the plant would remain offline, Progress Energy spokeswoman Julia Milstead said.

The condenser converts steam that has been used to power the turbines and generate electricity back into water, Milstead said. The unit – and the leaky seal – is completely separate from the nuclear material at the plant, she said.

The shutdown won't affect Progress Energy's ability to provide electricity to customers, company officials said.


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  • SheriffTruman Aug 13, 2008

    Man, that is one expensive seal. It costs tens of thousands (or more) per day each day the plant is not producing electricity.

    I say bring on plenty more Nuclear plants. Plus the Bio Lab. Heck, if people knew how many places there were things just about as bad being worked with all over the triangle area they would not be so worried about the lab in Butner.

  • randy2 Aug 13, 2008

    I am a retired power plant employee having worked at nuclear and fossil plants. I find Mr. Warren of NCWARN to be completely slanted and only a fear monger in dealing with nuclear power. The condenser is not related to the reactor but the steam turbine, non-nuclear side of the plant. Every closed cycle steam plant in the world has a condenser and it is a common problem to have leaks which cause air intrusion to the condenser which is under vacuum. I'm glad you didn't give Mr. Warren a platform to spew his fear mongering like WTVD 11 did! We need to build more nuclear plants in short order to offset the use of fossil fuels. Come on people - be informed and stop listening to fear mongers like Mr. Warren.

  • WRAL is joe_dirt Aug 12, 2008

    There's more radiation coming from a flea market wrist watch than comes from a fossil fuel power plant.

  • freddie cadetti 72 Aug 12, 2008

    Well, there goes a cardboard shortage, what with all the anti nukes making protest signs. Looks like the Deputies out that way will be busy keeping the activists off the fences. If they were in Johnston County, the Sheriff would already send out the "pick 'em up, bus".

  • wildervb Aug 12, 2008

    I'm all for building more plants, the safty record for US Nukes has been outstanding. As far as I know there have never been any deaths attributed to a Nuclear Power plant accident in the US. Compare that to the 40,000 to 50,000 people who die each year in automobile accidents. It's estimated that several thousand people die prematurely each year due to coal emmissions.

    One other point. Nuclear waste can be stored safely, if the industry were able to open storage facilities. Any attempt to open a Nuclear storage facility is generally blocked by the Anti-Nuke crowd.

  • TheAdmiral Aug 12, 2008

    "Your power doesn't just come from one power plant. There are many systems connected together. I don't understand it all, but basically, Shearon Harris is not the only one providing you with power." - JoeyC

    Yes, like the coal fired plant off of Corinth Road in Sanford.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Aug 12, 2008

    The leak story is just a cover up. Actually, Homer Simpson dropped his sandwich on the Control Panel again.

  • jbyrd Aug 12, 2008

    This is just a non-newsworthy story the WRAL used to fill a little space. Routine maintenance.

  • TheAdmiral Aug 12, 2008

    "I don't get it. If the plant has been shut down, why is my power still on?"

    The same reason that if you plug in your hybrid, the power system won't handle it.

  • nathanius Aug 12, 2008

    "this is the equal to the seat belt on your plane breaking. Mild inconvience, and it could cause a problem in an emergency, but it does not mean the plane will fall out of the sky.

    Good analogy ambergail1. I would say a better analogy would be down the lines of having a leaky seal on one of the aircrafts engines. I satt this because it directly impacts the operation of the aircraft/plant. I doubt a pilot would land an aircraft early because of a broken seatbelt. I agree that the system worked in the way it was supposed to, and nuclear power is safe and cleaner than coal.