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Shaw Seeks $4M Raleigh Funding Toward Rec Center

Posted May 23, 2007

— Shaw University is asking the city of Raleigh for $4 million.

The school wants to build a recreation center on campus that would include an indoor track.

Mayor Charles Meeker and City Council members will discuss the request.

Shaw announced last week that it plans to use Durham County Stadium for its football games, beginning this fall. Efforts to arrange a plan for a stadium that Shaw, St. Augustine’s College and the city could use did not succeed.


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  • seriousbusiness May 24, 2007

    Religious based school? That's like saying Duke's a religious based school...

  • Bigguns May 24, 2007

    As a private-religious based school, shouldn't they be asking their alumni and not the public?

  • 2late May 24, 2007

    RE:"I want a pool in my back yard, which commitee do I demand the money from"...NYC Dept of Public Works

  • nosouthernershere May 24, 2007

    I want a pool in my back yard, which commitee do I demand the money from.

  • seriousbusiness May 24, 2007

    Economic development people... The city of Raleigh wouldn't be donating these funds to the school. The facility will bring people to the area, attract students to the school, some city sponsored functions also. All of which will continuously generate revenue for the city and state in form of sales taxes, many students and individuals who are attracted to the area will stay and contribute property tax. It could also be a selling point since the institution is relatively close to the downtown area. It's a win win, stop thinking of this as a donation, it isn't. It's an investment into the city

  • Gorilla1 May 24, 2007

    To all of you who are mis-informed. Shaw University and Saint Augstine's College are two seperate schools. Why is it that everytime Shaw does something, you people want to group the two schools together. St-Aug's has not asked the city of Raleigh for a dime. St-Aug's has a public health and recreatin center that is open to the public. St-Augs has the money, and space to build and support their own football stadium, but the GREAT AND POWERFUL CITY OF RALEIGH, refused to let them build it. So if they won't let them build their own stadium, then they should help fund one. The city of Raleigh and the people who supposedly represent the will of the people care nothing about what happens in this section of the town or the two schools in it. That is until the time comes, and it will when the areas in question can possibly provide something economically beneficial i.e the surrounding land...

  • My_Opinion May 24, 2007

    I appreciate all views. I just strongly feel that Raleigh should help. AT WORK had a great point and in that, I agree. Although unrealistic, I wish we had an open checkbook to fund all necessary school programs. I am not sure, but I hope that these comments do not reflect the fact that these schools are HBCU. Education at these schools are no less important than that of other schools. I too wish that the alumni of these schools would contribute more to the schools that they attended. I hope I didn't disrespect one, Mr. Williams, as my name states thats just my opinion.

  • spiritwarriorwoman1 May 24, 2007

    Why does the city of Raleigh owe Shaw anything? Does the city of Raleigh pay for anything for St. Mary's?


    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • claudnc May 24, 2007

    They should get it because they will bring that money back in revenue for the city of raleigh, during tournament time, games and other function. You see what the CIAA bought to the Raleigh thats why they fought so hard to keep it here. In a couple of years the MEAC will also generate revenue just the same. Folks need to stop trying to discount what these HBCU's bring to the table. They are an institution of higher learning and we should help in any manner we can.

  • 1WakeCitizen May 24, 2007

    absolutely NOT! LEt Shaw get their money from private donors, not from the BACKS of taxpayers!
    Yes, Exploris got some tax dollars - because it is open to the PUBLIC. Shaw does not open itself fully to the public. Big difference!