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  • notjustmom May 20, 2011

    To all those who say we need the jobs...check out the quote from Firestone execs in Wilson saying that they have 63 job openings that they can't fill because there aren't enough applicants able to pass a drug test. Same thing happened when Sam's club opened in Rocky Mount. It's not the lack of's the lack of a qualified and motivated work force that keeps unemployment rates high.

  • whatusay May 19, 2011

    If Edgecomb county has the highest unemployment in the state, why isn't Sanderson Farms locating on the Tar river? Why upset 100,000 citizens in surrounding counties with their "illegal employment facility", when they can build it east of Rocky Mount on the Tar river? Why is it critical they they locate on the Wilson County border? Is because out water supply is adequate for their pollution run-off's? Go east and let those who need the jobs enjoy their own water supply when Sanderson Farms start overflowing every month because the fine will be cheaper than processing the waste.

  • Joe Friday May 19, 2011

    There are so many negative issues related to Sanderson Farms’ proposed location that any half-brain imbicile would have to be blind to be in favor of it. For those good citizens of Nash County that favor this proposal, ignorance is bliss. For those that stand to profit, shame on you for hiding behind the false banner of providing needed jobs for the “less fortunate” unemployed in Nash County.

  • Joe Friday May 19, 2011

    It goes without saying; unemployed Nash County citizens need jobs. Do not be so gullible to think that these 1,100 jobs that Sanderson Farms will be providing will go to those in our area. Do some research. These jobs require continuous repetitive work and have one of the highest turnover and injury rates in the nation. Based on past statistics, most of these jobs will be filled with non-local workers. Also, based on past statistics, areas where poultry plant locate, the general economy and standard of living in those areas go down. Sanderson Farms is not the answer to unemployment in Nash County. Our citizens deserve better. Let’s not allow industries into our area that possibly will deter higher paying jobs, with better working conditions, and jobs that will be desirable and filled by local workers.

  • the river rat May 19, 2011

    "Maybe they can build an electronics factory there. So everyone will have nice clean pie jobs." superman

    Or maybe they could build some type of industry that would not threaten the drinking water supply of over 100,000 people.

    Just a thought.

  • Joe Friday May 19, 2011

    It is sad that Robbie Davis thinks the voiced concerns of his constituents are nothing but a sideshow. The concerns from the opposition have been presented to the Nash County Commissioners in an intelligent, informed, and respectful manner. Referring to these concerns as a sideshow is just another example of Mr. Davis’s cavalier attitude toward anyone who opposes his views. He needs to open his eyes and not be so ready to base his judgment on biased information feed to him by Sanderson Farms and others who stand to profit if Sanderson Farms locates in Nash County.

  • superman May 19, 2011

    Maybe they can build an electronics factory there. So everyone will have nice clean pie jobs. Any job is better than no job. I guess that old saying is wrong, "beggers cant be chosy". Just sit back and continue to draw unemployment and live off the taxpayers.

  • musthavecoffee May 19, 2011


  • bigal02282 May 19, 2011

    Here is what you will get for your chicken plant: Loads of stinky mess getting sprayed on fields everyehere. Just like they do it here. Trucks hauling in and out stinking crates of chickens stuffed into them with feathers flying off onto the sides of roads and yards everywhere along the routes. NO one from your area getting hired to do any work because the company will have ads in every South American paper there is offering work for those willing to make the trip to America. Social Services spending all of their money helping the low-wage employees at the plant survive. Emergency services constantly on route to one wreck or another, domestic disputes, drug deals gone bad, and a lot worse. Do yourselves a favor. Run the company off and don't worry about losing any jobs, they won't provide any for locals. We have 3 poultry plants here and they have ruined our little town. No one from around here has a job at any of em. All from down south.

  • Rebelyell55 May 19, 2011

    Build it. Monitor it. Make sure the company knows it being watch for use of illegals. If a company knows the citizens will be watching it closely, they will do a better job of staying within the laws of our state.

  • Arapaloosa May 19, 2011

    We need jobs, we need jobs!! Wait, not THAT kind of job... Can't you weed out the corruption without running off employers?

  • bowhunterjunkie May 19, 2011

    I guess we can get chicken from China.

    Yep and just maybe they won't be exploding from growth hormone like the watermelons they are growing now do!!

  • If the shoe fits.... May 19, 2011

    If WRAL will dig deeper, they will find they have only scratched the surface with regard to corruption here. The opponents' deposing lawyers have the facts. Thank goodness Wilson Co. joined the fight early on, bringing big bucks to fight off "Project Baseball." Wilson's Toisnot watershed will be affected. The ironies are that the immigrant workforce would live in Wilson which is a closer drive to the proposed plant site, yet the plant is located in Nash Co. which stands to reap any taxbase benefits (?). Wilson citizens need to con't to fight this plant.

  • wa4dou May 19, 2011

    Comments here from: the river rat; nrhaed; chuck1947; & If the shoe fits... are very worthy of consideration.

    I personally intend to contribute time and money to help unseat every Nash County commissioner that is behind this.

  • If the shoe fits.... May 19, 2011

    Nash Co. can do better than bringing in an industry that will be a magnet for the uneducated and unskilled. When locals would no longer tolerate the work conditions, Sanderson would be forced to bring in a "contracted workforce," those being legal immigrants with green cards (as they have assured employment). These immigrants will bring with them a host of problems.
    In NC, only one county in eleven has seen a reduction in poverty after bringing in a poultry processing plant. Sanderson Farms would be a burden to Nash Co taxpayers - not to mention the foremost environmental impact of having a slaughterhouse, hatchery, sprayfields and more chicken houses in Nash and Wilson's watersheds.

  • beachboater May 19, 2011

    "Nine hundred of those jobs will be part time, no fringe benefit jobs that the chronically unenployed of this area will not want and will not be required to take."

    So, IF Nash County could create 1100 jobs, with 900 part timeers (I find that number hard to believe) the unemployed in Wilson and Nash counties will not want and will not be required to take those jobs?

    Please explain. Not everybody can have a corner office with 3 secretaries waiting on them all day.

  • chuck1947 May 19, 2011

    Nine hundred of those jobs will be part time, no fringe benefit jobs that the chronically unenployed of this area will not want and will not be required to take. The jobs will be filled by illegals who will get free medical care and free education for their childern, and those of us fortunate enough to have a job will have to pay even more taxes to support them. And our water rates will have to be increased to clean up the runoff before it is dumped back into the Neuse river basin. This project will help none of the problems as promised and will only add to the burdens of the citizens with jobs.

  • nrhaed May 19, 2011

    20 years ago Intensive Livestock Operations were widely distributed across the Midwest, Mid Atlantic and Southeast. That has changed and now ILOs are heavily concentrated in the Southeast which will have a Negative impact on our environment and our economy because of the cost of keeping clean water available. The handling of this project by some officials in Nash County has disregarded honest and reasonable concerns by local citizens and a broader community to include Wilson. Our efforts to have the project reviewed in depth have not been a "sideshow"'s a democratic effort to not be bulldozed by a company and industry that is not suitable for this location. Nash County can recruit a better industry for this prime piece of real estate. The effort to sidestep grant processes just shows the extent of their arrogance.

  • the river rat May 19, 2011

    The commissioner refers to those that would oppose the chicken plant as “sideshows”. I suppose by his definition that would include everyone from the taxpaying local residents at Ground Zero to the Raleigh City Council and beyond.
    I don’t know if the 13 member cities and water distribution alliances that recently banded together to ask the state to deny permits to this plant due to environmental concerns will appreciate being called a “sideshow”.
    One well respected environmental expert summed it up best, “Satan himself could not have picked a worse location for this plant”.
    Well commissioner it’s like this, if the slaughter plant decision is the main event, then there are many of us are perfectly satisfied to be one of the “sideshows”.

  • jimthorne73 May 19, 2011

    I guess we can get chicken from China.

  • See Chart May 18, 2011

    It may or may not be true that 11 hundred jobs might be
    created in Wilson/Rocky Mt. It may also be true that the waste
    from killing these many chickens can destroy 100 thousand citizens water supply in the area.
    Let's not railroad this project through on the "creating jobs" angle with out looking at the potential eco-disaster scenario
    for Wilson and Nash counties.

  • westernwake1 May 18, 2011

    Typical politically driven business project with all sorts of money made by consulting firms associated with political leaders.

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