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  • stanmak May 16, 2011

    the only one done is bev. what a complete failure of a governor. not one good thing to point to that she has done for this state.

  • 1 awesome Dad May 13, 2011

    They know their days are numbered...North Carolina can stick a fork in the republicans 'cause they are done.....

  • 1 awesome Dad May 12, 2011

    go ahead and give me an early ballot I want to vote now and I guarantee you big changes will be on the way after this.

  • atticush May 12, 2011

    "'We’re not trying to do away with early voting in any way,' H658 sponsor Bert Jones, U-Rockingham, told the committee" Bwahhh! hahahahahah!

  • stanmak May 12, 2011

    haha brilliant. take it to the dems. the one in the govs office cant do anything except veto.

  • TheBullCity May 11, 2011

    why on earth would they want to disenfranchise voters? Oh, right...

  • dlphnwmn8 May 11, 2011

    Would you please vote on HB 676??????

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