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  • Bendal1 Feb 24, 2011


    Over the last two decades, 99% of the US work force's wages have been stagnant when you account for inflation. That top 1%? Their wages have QUADRUPLED over the same time period.

    If that's not "the rich get richer" then I don't know what is. How did they do that? Well, if you've got a company, and layoff people and tell the others "work harder or you get fired too", you just increased your profits without doing anything but signing some pink slips.

  • lovethesouth1 Feb 23, 2011

    Oh really steelers seven? How are the rich getting richer with all the pay freezes? Maybe the rich are getting richer because they work harder. Almost every "rich" person I know puts in a lot more than 40 hours a week managing an entire company or group of people. I don't deserve an executive salary, but an executive does. And he pays a hell of a lot more taxes than we do too. Get your mind right. People that work hard deserve to reap the benefits without being held liable for an incompetent goverment that can't harness their spending habits.

  • Vietnam Vet Feb 23, 2011

    "I think it's time to look for outside help," Clary said.
    Outside help? Oh yeah, let's borrow even MORE money for more deficit!!

  • Jim Britt Feb 23, 2011

    "Republican-led General Assembly might actually have to raise unemployment insurance rates on employers to pay the bill."

    When pigs fly. They'll shift any tax increase to the employed. That's standard GOP operating procedure. If they hadn't been giving businesses a tax break from the start the trust fund wouldn't have been underfunded.

  • Bring on the 4 Dollar Gas Feb 23, 2011

    "why is this not included in the State's budget that Bev just proposed?"

    because her budget doesn't include "smoke & mirrors" so the next best thing is exclusion of the facts.

  • redspringssean Feb 23, 2011

    SteelersSevenisHeaven why do you blame the Republicans when the Democrats have been in the majority the whole time spending like there is no tomorrow? The real reason Bev cares about cuts to that so-called job creation fund is because her son works for the law firm that manages most of the money. As always there's one set of rules for the politicians and another for everybody else. Besides, why would anyone who is rich or super rich want to pay even more taxes than they already do to support government entitlements to the poor. It seems to me that it's not really a winning proposition for anyone to increase the rolls of the poor.

  • redspringssean Feb 23, 2011

    Some questions I have about this hidden deficit. First of all, why is this not included in the State's budget that Bev just proposed? If the State Constitution requires a balanced budget every year and it sounds as though this deficit has been generated over the last 2 years then why are we just now hearing of this? Also, where did all the money go from the years when the unemployment rate wasn't 10+% as it is now? None of this make a bit of sense!

  • YourConscience Feb 23, 2011

    tgentry, Did it ever occur to you that maybe it was a once in a lifetime, entire world economy collapse that caused a $2.6 billion dollar deficit. Republicans are known for budget busting before and after the Clinton era. I'm not Democrat, but independent.
    I really don't know why the Republicans are complaining so much...Every report I've seen reveals that the rich are getting richer, the super rich are getting super richer, and the poor are getting seriously poorer...Just the way Republicans want it. So stop complaining.

  • 1 awesome Dad Feb 23, 2011

    Please someone explain to me why everyone looks so harshly at individuals on unemployment. We were laid off and we worked and for decades never having to depend on unemployment to get us through. All of a sudden the economy goes south and millions of folks are canned and we are accused of mooching off the gov't, not working, not applying for any kind of job.

    It sickens me to hear how we the unemployed are referred to and treated and would by all means enjoy a bigger paycheck than the 300 bucks that unemployment deals out. Yes I have applied for every entry level job imaginable and yes I am getting ready to go off of unemployment so you all will be happy to hear that but hopefully welfare wont be to bad until I can get back to work. If Bev doesnt keep making it harder to do.

  • dws Feb 23, 2011

    hp277, I understand what UI is, and yes, it is a $2B+ gravy train......I know of people who drew severance and received unemployment payments at the same time by simply taking a MS Office course in an application they had been previously using for years

  • Rebelyell55 Feb 23, 2011

    I read that they want to bring in an outside person to tell them what to do? I just read last week that the Fed. told the state several years back they would be in trouble if they didn't do something to bring the funds up.

  • hp277 Feb 23, 2011

    dws - gravy train??

    That $400 a week max benefit - less than $400 after taxes - is hardly a gravy train, especially for people used to making 2 or 3 times that.

    The UI benefit is based on your prior earnings. No one gets a raise from UI, and everyone is cut off after 99 weeks maximum.

  • dws Feb 23, 2011

    the unemployment compensation gravy train is about to derail

  • computer trainer Feb 23, 2011

    whatelseisnew- no this money was NEVER expected to be forgiven. The 28 M that was overpaid to the unemployed, the ESC was hoping that the Fed would forgive and that has not been determined, yet. So, it is even a deeper hole than anyone ever guessed. And this is just what has been released. Of course, there could be much more "hidden". Bev and her cronies have appointed all these chairmen and directors and they have all lied. Will heads roll?? Not for chairmen or directors, but many state jobs will be lost. Those will be the people who are actually doing the work.

  • chevybelair57sd Feb 23, 2011

    funny how the democrates for 100 years plus have spent our tax dollars on "special" interests and now we're seeing that we're in debt up to our eyeballs and everybody is opposed to paying back, where did you think the money was coming from the money fairey?? You fostered this debt thru elections and paybacks are he--

  • Feb 23, 2011

    ykm - do you mean to say that the feds, because they are operating with a deficit budget, borrowed the money from most liklely China, and turned around and lent that money to NC for unemployment benefit payments? I suppose that is the reality of the money flow here. With that being the case, I can better understand why NC is required to pay INTEREST on a federal government loan.

  • scientistjo Feb 23, 2011 you want to get rid of education? I wouldn't be too optimistic about the future with an uneducated generation.

  • tgentry1005 Feb 23, 2011

    You stated "The pro-business, Republican-led General Assembly might actually have . . . . ."

    I do not recall you using terms like "The pro-education, Democratic-led General Assembly might actually have . . ." or whatever other thing that was a Democratic pet project - and there have been plenty.......

    Why are you showing bias in your coverage??????? Have you still not got over the fact that the Republicans took control of both houses of State government?

    Just report the news and leave off the side comments!

    Maybe in this case if the Democratic-led General Assembly had done a better job we would not be in debt to the Feds for the $2.6 Billion dollars..........

  • whatelseisnew Feb 23, 2011

    Why do they call this hidden. This has been talked about before. They were hoping the Feds would forgive the loan. There is plenty of money that can be reallocated to fix this. Sadly no one in Government is willing to create the kind of budget that is needed to not only close the deficit, but pay off the State debt.

  • Barely Feb 23, 2011

    "they get welfare and write-offs, don't stay as long, hurt the local economy when they leave which they will, tend to take the dollars away from the local economy."

    You gave an example of flawed logic at it's finest.
    A. Large corporations are extremely likely to leave when benefits that were used to keep them in-state are cut off.
    B. Many large businesses include the "big box" stores who do not see the incentive benefits and remain for a very long time.

    Your over-generalization is dangerous and not well informed.

  • hp277 Feb 23, 2011

    "Unemployment Insurance tax is a tax on employer payrolls paid by employers and used to provide funds from which unemployment benefits are paid to qualified unemployed workers. Unemployment tax is not deducted from employee wages.

    The standard tax rate is 1.2%, and the tax rate is increased by 20% in any year that the Unemployment Insurance Reserve Fund falls below $163 million."

    That's how the funding for the UI program works. It's not resonable to blame Gov Perdue for this - she does not control either the UI tax rate or the state unemployment rate.

    You don't raise tax rates when the economy is in a freefall like it was in early 2009, and as long as unemployment remains high, the fund is going to run a deficit. The maximum amount of time someone can receive UI benefits is 99 weeks.

    Eventually the deficit has to be paid back and the reserve built back up to prepare for the next rainy day.

  • Bring on the 4 Dollar Gas Feb 23, 2011

    "her new $2.4B deficit # is overly optimistic."

    It's just flat untruthful!

  • computer trainer Feb 23, 2011

    Bev will be right back in there for 4 more years, if you people cannot take the time to vote anything except a straight ticket!!

  • MakoII Feb 23, 2011

    We need to support small businesses with 71 million in incentives, not large businesses.

    Welfare for large corporations of over 50-100 employees is a waste. they get welfare and write-offs, don't stay as long, hurt the local economy when they leave which they will, tend to take the dollars away from the local economy.

    It's small businesses that employ 2/3 of the people, stay, keep the money local, and need the help in terms of "corporate welfare" in order to be able to survive against very hard business practices from large corporations. How can a small company buying 10 units compete with a national corporation that can buy 10,000 units at a discount.

    But the small one stays here. The large one comes WHEN bribed, takes the money out of here, sometimes out of the country, and then leaves when they aren't bribed, or someone else in another state or country bribes them more.

  • ykm Feb 23, 2011

    S wake. the federal government didn't get that money form us, they borrowed it.

  • davidecu Feb 23, 2011

    Why isn't the governor using this figure as part of our deficit? Meaning we are over $5B in the hole, her new $2.4B deficit # is overly optimistic. If it is a debt we owe it then let's count regardless of the screw up.

  • Feb 23, 2011

    Will someone please explain to me what sense it makes for a state to be required to pay interest on a loan from the federal governement? Wasn't it taxpayer money loaned to NC? Why should a sate have to pay interest on money the feds got for FREE from taxpayers including those of us in NC? Just deosn't make sense. The fed is not in the banking business, or at least they weren't until Obama came along.

  • ORMA Feb 23, 2011

    Thank you yet again, Bev, for reinforcing the reasons that I already knew for you to be sent packing from your office. Your administration has, yet again, messed up and it is going to end up on the HARD WORKING tax payers of this state, not the ones who got these benefits, to pick up the slack and have our paychecks hit even harder to fix the problem. Again, thank you and thanks to all of those people that blindly vote a straight party ticket.

  • Enough is Enough People Feb 23, 2011

    What makes me upset by this is that NC Gov. just raised the unemployment insurance rates on me in Jan. Now they want to raise it again? Currently my company employs 900 people in this state alone and we have cut costs so much so we could avoid laying off any employees. If they increase the rates again I will be forced to lay off employees. I am simply amazed how the government has screwed things up this bad. Run the government like a business and we will not have these issues.

  • wildervb Feb 23, 2011

    "It is time to whack the education budget and properly fund all the trusts that have been robbed by the prior Governors and legislators."

    Wow! What a great idea. In a time when education is more important than ever, when our children will be growing up in a world where they'll have to compete with the best minds the rest of the world has to offer you want to 'whack' education spending?

  • Bring on the 4 Dollar Gas Feb 23, 2011

    Now that I've taken care of Edward's needs, I'm so glad I read this story again. I was just about to rail and rant over even the suggestion of a tax increase on all of us who didn't GET A DIME of benefits and are not and WILL NOT pay one dime to cover any jobless benefits screw up from this state and ultimately Bev "NO DO" Perdue. If you think things are bad in WI, OH and IN you ain't seen nothing if you even suggest a tax increase on those of us who didn't get a dime and WILL NOT pay one dime to cover another mistake compliments of Bev's administration. If you want to tax those who got the benefits knock yourselves out, after all they are the ones who you gave the FREE money to, but DON'T YOU DARE suggest to us that WE owe the bill. WE, those of us who didn't get a dime of the free money, ain't covering your screw ups anymore Bev OR we will take to the streets and shut this state down and make those up north look like Disney!! And you can count on that Bev "Veto" Perdue.

  • wildervb Feb 23, 2011

    "Welcome to the real world. This is life. Companies do this because of the overburden regulatory system created by our government. If they would get out of the way, we would not be sending jobs overseas."

    Wrong Answer. Companies are shipping jobs overseas because they can pay ultra low wages. It's hard to compete with people who can live on $5.00 a day. It's actually more complex having to outsource labor but it saves money.

  • MakoII Feb 23, 2011

    Yep. And add to those rolls the proposed State Employee cuts.

    Won't save you money.

  • Bring on the 4 Dollar Gas Feb 23, 2011

    Eduardo, I didn't vote for Queen Failure, that I can assure you! As for what effort to keep her the one term wonder that she is, I won't have to lift a finger, she's taken care of that all by her self. THE WORST GOVERNOR in NC and American history.

  • jaydosse Feb 23, 2011

    Is this a joke, or is the Circus in town. We sure have a gaggle of clowns running the peoples business in our State.

    What does hidden deficit mean?? Who has been hiding it?? Oh well, it's only another 2.5 billion. Beverly is not going to fire any of her agency heads. After all she would not want to offend her friends.

    I say fire all agency heads and Directors and replace them with competent human beings!!!.

  • barownerx2 Feb 22, 2011

    To you people that think that your vote matters, it does not. They will take your money no matter who you vote for.

  • Eduardo1 Feb 22, 2011

    youcantget....How did you vote?
    What effort did you make to influence others not to vote for Bev?

    What effort will you make to ensure that she is a one term Gov.?

  • slj4him Feb 22, 2011

    Trying to buy votes is always a costly deal, and always paid for by voters one way or another. Shobama and Purdue now know the cost did not get the votes and they want to try to forget the dems have been in power since 06 in DC and since 1886 in NC. We need to kick these out soon.

  • whatelseisnew Feb 22, 2011

    It is time to whack the education budget and properly fund all the trusts that have been robbed by the prior Governors and legislators.

  • Eduardo1 Feb 22, 2011

    ranquick...GREAT post!!! You really nailed it

  • teacher2X4 Feb 22, 2011

    Why do you think many are screaming every time they vote to extend unemployment benefits? this is what happens when you extend benefits because you are afraid of people not having any income. You're breeding a society that is dependent on receiving $$ for nothing. Cut jobless benefits back to what they were 5 years ago. At some point they have to say enough is enough, you can't keep extending benefits just because you're a bleeding heart.

  • barownerx2 Feb 22, 2011

    Looking foward to my 2 years of unemployment. Hope it last that long.

  • corvair024 Feb 22, 2011

    Step #1: Get rid of Purdue

  • kidsrn Feb 22, 2011

    I am a prophet----increase the unemployment insurance rates on employers---which will cause them to either 1. pass that cost onto the consumer in the form of even higher prices 2. lay off employees to make their bottom line. More unemployed = more people requesting unemployment compensation. And I agree 100% with e2brtus----those people who got over paid KNEW it and did nothing. They are required by law to report any inaccuracy with their payments. They didn't---so make them pay up. Times are tight for ALL of us----I am struggling to make ends meet too. How is it fair for me or you to have to pay for this mess????

  • ranquick Feb 22, 2011

    There is mo doubt that TAXES will be rasied to pay back the governments mistakes instead of cutting PORK program. COME on RALEIGH you people need to do the job you were elected to do!!!!!

  • Keepin_it_real_in_NC Feb 22, 2011

    "When you lose your job just so a company can hire cheaper labor with no benefits as in vacation or insurance you get back with me when you really figure things out when it is you or your family."

    Welcome to the real world. This is life. Companies do this because of the overburden regulatory system created by our government. If they would get out of the way, we would not be sending jobs overseas.

  • Barrackawack Feb 22, 2011

    keepin it real ? Really you missed my point entirely and I am anything but liberal.When you lose your job just so a company can hire cheaper labor with no benefits as in vacation or insurance you get back with me when you really figure things out when it is you or your family.

  • Keepin_it_real_in_NC Feb 22, 2011

    "Raise the rates on employers to the max !"

    Obviously you do not understand how this works. Businesses pay while their employees are working. When they layoff, the get to stop paying and the unemployed collection their government handouts. If you raise rates, companies will layoff to afford it. Sheesh, standard liberal thinking.

  • e2brtus Feb 22, 2011

    hey gov!wake up! last year you GAVE AWAY 28 mil. bucks to thousands of unemployed citizens,who received extra money over several months in their benefit checks.then out of the goodness of your big heart felt that these poor souls had gone through enough hardship and you felt obligated to GIVE them the overpayment...after all, you said, " it was our fault...who could blame them if they never bothered to notify the ESC ( as required by LAW ) that their checks were a few HUNDRED dollars over the amount they were supposed to get EACH WEEK these are hard times". give me a break! these people STOLE money from the State of N.C. and you,bev, cheered them on! now it's time to pay the piper.and who is going to pay? yep, me and you, the rest of us who aren't ENTITLED to a free pay check every month. i am SO sick of people feeling entitled i could puke on my laptop! does anyone take responsibility for themselves and their families anymore? does anyone have PRIDE anymore? yeah,i thought so.

  • Barrackawack Feb 22, 2011

    Raise the rates on employers to the max ! That way they will think three times before they try to get rid of life long dedicated employees and then turn around and hire temp agency slave labor and not hire the people back that gave their lives and careers to a company !

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