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  • mdbl024 Feb 8, 2011

    I am the daughter of a Vietnam Era retired Marine and my family is among the thousands of others who were exposed to the toxic drinking water of Lejeune.My mother was diagnosed with brain cancer in October of 1995 and she was dead by August of 1996.She was consumed by the cancer and had no chance to fight for her life.There are still so many brave and innocent Veterans,Dependents,and Civilian Employees who have no idea that they are at risk to life and health,so perhaps this Bill will get enough interest by the press to help them learn about their exposure.The cloud of smoke that the Marine Corps and DoD have hung over this tragedy to try and hide it has only compounded the loss of life and loss of good health to thousands of people who have done nothing but volunteer to protect the freedoms and way of life the America enjoys.If these Brave and Innocent souls don't deserve their Countries help,then who does? Semper Fi!Mary Blakley

  • Luv2Kayak Feb 4, 2011

    I wholeheartedly agree that the victims should be compensated. However, rather than having the general public pay, shouldn't the compensation come from that portion of the Defense budget that was allocated to the Marines? And do not increase their allocation, spend some of the money that would have gone for bombs and bullets on these poor victims. If the military can poison their own without consequences, why should they ever stop doing that?

  • shadomy Feb 4, 2011

    Probably why my father got bladder cancer, he was stationed there in the early 50's.

  • RB-1 Feb 3, 2011

    It's a shame it ever got this far.

    Shame on the government for knowingly doing this for over 30 years.

    Praying for those who were exposed, and for their children and children's children.

  • mrlee34 Feb 3, 2011

    I cant believe the government is actually confessing to poisoning its own troops.

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